Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

More Cumbia-Bass Eps - Chancha Via Circuito and I forgot to mention Dany F

Pedro Canale aka Chancha Via Circuito comes from Buenos Aires Argentina and is related to the fabolous ZZK Records. The pioneer of the electronic Cumbia-Bass Scene comes out with an epic chilled 5 Track EP.
Read his history: "It turns out that my neighbor’s tree grew so much recently that one morning I woke up to a large tree branch in the kitchen of my house. It seems to have come in during the night, through the window, below the exhaust fan.
As soon as I saw it I stood there blinking and confused, and before I was able to say anything she swayed, and in a language without words she recited a poem from the most yellowest of leaves.
It was so sweet that it instantly won me over, I invited her to have breakfast with me and she accepted rocking back and forth.
Leaning towards the cinnamon cloved tea she said “Wait till it cools off a little and sip it on the earth beneath my trunk” and so I did.  We stared at each other for a while, and later with a gesture of courtesy we began to talk.
It was a silent conversation, where we spoke about the importance of rainy days, that although we humans don’t always get wet, we too get watered. We both agreed that the morning rays of sun were the best and also how special the autumn light is.
I told her how the seasons affected us and she was surprised to hear that we were also affected by the influence of the moon and its cycles.
I was surprised to hear that she was also knowledgable of the lives of all the other trees and plants in the neighborhood, and how well they kept their secrets.  When she told me of the speed with which they accept the pain of their losses, I could not believe it.
We spent the afternoon philosophizing as good friends, and as the night arrived she allowed me to curl up with her until I fell asleep.
The next morning the branch had disappeared.  And as I looked outside I was saddened to see that a neighbor had completely pruned the tree.  Desperately I screamed at the amputated tree trunk to see if I could help, but it no longer was able to respond.
But to my dismay I looked down and saw the answer.
The branch had left her seeds scattered all over my kitchen floor."

Dany F comes from Medellin, Colombia and is well known for his lovley Cumbia-House Mixture. He has a 4 Track EP out on KONN Recordings wich will make you move for shure. Their are only Single Downloads via Soundcloud available.

Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

Happy Holidays Give Away Post

Ok, you know the message for 2013 is - Find Love, find Peace - find Cumbia - here are the hottest give aways for Month Dezember.

Starting with the Productions of Cumbiamaster Andrés Digital who has two fresh EPs out
"Aventuras Colombianas" is released via Rebel Rec. wich is a Sublable of the marvelous Latino Resiste. Here you will find Cumbias (by Alex Acosta, Lucho Bermudez) remixed and mashuped (with Artist like Supercat, General Levy, Lemmy Kilmister, Abba) Sonidos Afropacificos (Grupo Socavon, Son Palenque)

The second EP is named "Messages from outta Space" and is released via Chiles KONN Recordings. Here you find more Tropical and 3ball Sounds (but also Ska, Jungle and Moombahton) but always with this typical AD Cumbia-Bass MashUp Sound.

If I was talking bout KONN Recordings wich have really beatifulll releases out (check their backcataloge !!) here is a Downtempo Cumbia Ep by Ucayali Maestro from Lima, Peru. Perfect music to chill and fly away !!

I had very much fun with the Remixes and Blends from La Tirana Caravana (From Santiago de Chile to Freiburg, Germany) this year and he packed three Eps with this Tropical stuff he made this year. This includes stuff like this

ShazaLaKazoo comes from Belgrade, Serbia and making the Balkan Sound Tropical. Here comes a Remix EP with Remixes by Chong X, the Binary Cumbia Orchesta  and many more mashing up many different styles from Cumbia, to Jungle to Balkan.

Dienstag, 27. November 2012

Your Cumbia-Dealer comes out to play. Free Dope !!

I said before "the ultimate CumbiaBass Download Post" but forget it, because of this one is the ultimate CumbiaBass Download Post !! It's really heavy how much good stuff comes out in the moment. 6 EPs !! All Freeloaders !!

Chiles KONN Recordings comes out with Remixes of Colombias CERO39

The marvellous CASSETTE BLOG is celebrating the second birthday with 8 Compilations celebrating a Cumbia, Moombah, HipHop Party. This one is a Cumbia Compilation ft. Spike Devil Disco, Afrodita, G-flux, Los Reyes de la Milanga, Albert Dj Style, Andrés Digital, Boris Low, Dany F, Sonido Bestial, Stereo Revuelta, Kuto Quilla Selektah, P18LiveMachine, Inti Che, Don Juan Pachanga, Bigote and many more.

From Mexico comes this 42 Tune Cumbia Sampler compiled by Oscilador Bass. The Latin Bass Mexico Compilation contains Artists like Sonidos Desconocido II, Afrodita, Add on the Bass, Cholita Sound, Bigote, Maria Sonora, DJ Neber, Sonido San Francisco and many many more.

The Cabeza Netlabel really goes mad smashing out EP after Ep. But the Highlight of the output is this one. Sonikgroove ft. Prince Osito in a Cumbiamuffin Style with Remixes by Cherman, El Timbe, Bigote and more.

The next one has a big Chicha Influence and it has deepdeep Bass. Terror Negro Records bringing out DJ Chakrunas new EP El Sonido Brutal

Ok, your ears still open ?? Here comes another 43 Tune compilation from the Caballito Crew...It's Graveton 3 and its also their second Birthday, so be happy and take it...this one has tunes from Cumbia Cosmonauts, El Barba Dub, Meneo, Los Reyes de la Milanga, Yelram Selecta, Los Macuanos and many more

Sonntag, 4. November 2012

New Tropical - Cumbia - Bass EPs for take away

So I was leanback for a moment and as time rises fast, there are coming out new wonderfull EPs en masse spreading the Tropical-Cumbia-Bass Vibe. This is free Music for Free People - Just take it away and be happy !!

Latino Resiste rises again, this time we're going to Peru and getting Tunes and Remixes by Dengue Dengue Dengue, Subversivo, Wendy Sulca, La Inedita, Kuto Selectah Quilla, Seizo, El Gato deejay, Chong X and Caballo. You will find Chichamuffin, Indigenous Bass, Afro Peruvian folklore and Global Bass clash with Moombathon, Cumbia and World Music.
These are the spirits of UKU PACHA!! for a PACHANGA!! UKU PACHA is the side in where tormented souls and evildoers hang around!! But it also serves as counterpart so people can appreciate the beauty of PACHA MAMA!  Ruta Panamericana del Sonido UKU PACHA NGA- Dj Subversivo- Igualito al Canto (Original Mix) by latinoresiste 

Alemania Rubalcaba aka. Alemaniatica comes from Xalisco Mexico and now lives in Zürich Suiza. Here comes a fat EP with Cumbia, Dancehall, Tropical Mash Ups.
This has two Parts. One is called Loslassen (This means Let it go or Relax)
And the Second Part is called Halt mich (Hold me)

Did you ever fly with owls ? I do this everytime when Im listening to Buhos EPs. Extremly deep relaxing Music with Marimbas and Bass. This is good music to drink tea with Rum, looking out of the window and waiting for the "Things" going on or just waiting for next Summer.
The name of the EP is Y, which is the word for water in Guarani and Tupi – two languages with indigenous roots still spoken in Paraguay and Brazil. It was inspired by El Buho’s life in Amsterdam, a city surrounded by water (canals, rivers, constant raindrops), the very particular environment this creates and the way it influences life in the city. It is a homage to raindrops on rooftops, bike tires through puddles, the splashing of boats, ripples moving softly across the water and rivers trickling on. It sits somewhere between Autumnal grey skies and rivers falling down andean mountainsides. This is released via the Irish Netlable Meles Meles.

Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

Cumbia Tropical from Kuto Quilla Selektah and Tropikore

There are koming out big EP's in the moment. Listen karefully !! 
First comes Kuto "Sin Systema & Con Sonido" Quilla Selektah with his EP "Kontra todo Autoridad" - Electrokumbia with message via Caballito.

More tropical, more Dubstep you will find on Tropicores "Guarapo EP" brandnew released via the Barcelona rooted Folcore Colective.

Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

Catch the Vibe - Give Aways again !!
Palenke Soultribe + DJ Subversivo

Starting with a teaser for Palenke Soultribes upcoming Album "Palenke vs. Palenque". Five big Tunes and Remixes - Grab the "Makako EP" Its a freeload - Afrocolombian fuego !!

More Tropical sounds this EP by DJ Subversivo fresh released via KONN Records. Unfortunately you have to load single Trax here.

Samstag, 29. September 2012

The Mega Give Away Post - New marvelous Cumbia EPs
Its gettin cold outside en Alemania so get yourself well dressed and grab some hot music !!
Here we have 4 big Eps all freeloaders !!

Give Away No 1 Ondatropica EP
Conceived by Colombian musician Mario Galeano, the force behind the band Frente Cumbiero, and English producer Will Holland aka. Quantic, Ondatrópica brings together an all-star cast representing both the classic and modern styles of la musica Colombiana.

Give Away No 2 Dinamita (Tributo a la Sonora Dinamita)
The original orchestra was formed in 1960 in Cartagena de Indias/Colombia under the direction of bandleader Lucho Argain. It disbanded in 1963, but was re-formed in 1975 under the direction of Julio Ernesto Estrada "Fruko" Rincón, the artistic director of the Disco Fuentes Record Lable. In 1981, " While the group's lineup has changed, it has always featured a strong female vocalist, including Mélida Yará, Vilma Díaz, Margarita Vargas, and Susana Velasques, to accompany its ten-piece brass instrumentation. Here they getting remixed and mashupped by Vetiver Bong, Javier Estrada, Albert DJ, Add on the Bass and many more

Give Away No 3 Cumbiasound EP
Caballito comes out with Release No 37 on their Netlabel and celebrating 2 years of activism. So here come Daniel Fridell-Soulrebel with his Band Cumbiasound bringing real music for real people

Give Away No 4 - Sonido Guay Neñë
In less than a month to get into the studio to record their first LP, Sonido Guay Neñë, presents a collection of remixes based on material advancement, which launched the band in late 2011. There are four remixes done by producers from around the world: Doble Copia Systema (Denmark), Rafael Aragon (France) and Bigote (Spain) and Tropikore (Venezuela, currently based in Buenos Aires) show as musical premonitions, the mess that precedes Sonido Guay Neñë from Mendoza, with impending debut.

Samstag, 15. September 2012

On the Sofa with Andrés Digital - Watchin Peliculas !!

Televison sin Fronteras with Sargento Garcia (16 Min.)

Next is a brilliant Doku over The Clashs Joe Strummer: The Future is unwritten

Finally two Videos by Caballitos Bigote

Sonntag, 2. September 2012

Free awesome Albums - Cumbia from Sonido Guay Neñe and Ruidosón by Santos

“Sonido Guay-Neñe its a project dedicated to rescue ancestral roots music from Andes area, such as copla music. The copla, originally performed with voice and caja (small drum), is passed from generation to generation by the natives of the Andes, usually by women dedicated to grazing animals. In Sonido Guay-Neñe, these ancient songs are mixed with electronic rhythms and electric instruments. Sonido Guay-Neñe are: Lea Skames , Cristian Del Negro (Fauna, ZZKrecords) and Sandra Amaya, folk singer, belonging to the ethnic Huarpe.“ The Album is brilliant and contains Remixes by Rafael Aragón, Bigote and Copia Doble Systema

Prelistening via Soundcloud

Second we have Colega Santos from Mexico coming up with his new 10 Track Album ruidosonero as siempre. Perfect to fade reality away and have a chilled afternoon between madness and beatz. This is released via the Mexican Netlable Tropic-All

Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

Brandnew Moombah-Pacifica and some 3ball

LatinoResiste presents Moombah A Pacifica!
 When people heard Root a Pacifica, they got in love with the sounds, richness, and beauty of the afropacific music from the black communities of Colombia.
Ironically this album is released while Colombian people celebrate their battle of independence, while the minorities are struggling to exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over their territory.

Fortunately the Latino Resiste Crew could capture, compile and share the whole movement; as it needed to be exposed outside the south american paradise, so it could be redefined by NY's Banginclude and many other people like him.

The album drops 6 Bangers which flirt from dancehall to dembow, heavy bass and latin moombahton, while keeping the Pacific heritage of Gualajo, chirimia, marimba, and Choco's rawness.

Lyrically conscious and musically rebellious!! Latino Resiste supports Minorities as we are part of them!!

The Tropical Bass Family comes out with his second release this time presenting the new and innovative mexican 3ball. So the original Tune by DJ Tack & Tamalero (try his Tamales !!) gettin remixed by Guapo Feo, Bumps, Andrés Digital, Caballo, Andy Kisaragi and many more. So get on your Pointy Boots on and step out on the Dancefloor.

Freitag, 3. August 2012

La Cumbia y el Bajo (All Inclusive)

It's hot outside (in Western Europe) and here comes your Soundtrack. All Albums are Freeloaders. Take it away, I'm shure you will love'em !!
2irie & Rd Jah - Cumbia Steppa EP

I loved this Tune when I heard it first and always have it in my selection because it's a real banger. Here you find the original and 3 Remixes by Chong X, Tropikore and Ray iBiza.

Deltatron - El que abandona no tiene premio

I had featured Deltatrons Tropical Terror Dumbias here earlier and here he comes with his second Album supported by Terror Negro Records. Feelin Peru and the deepest Basses !!

Worldhood - Mundo Libre EP

Afro-Latin Dub meets West Coast bass, World Hood, the self titled debut album from World Hood Music is a peaceful revolution in itself, uncrowded by the usual suspects. The group’s first release plays like a breakbeat fairytale with distinct Afro-beat, Cumbia, and Hip Hop chapters. World Hood music is what would commence shortly after. 

Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Happy Give Aways - Goy Karamelo and Bigote

Goy Karamelo, former Singer de los Karamelo Santos has a real beautiful Album out and he give it away - must-have-album !! 17 Songs between Cumbia, Rock, Reggae, Ska together with his Band los Kangrejoz.

More digital, more experimental, beautiful melancholic and always groovin as hell comes Bigote with his new 4 Track EP. Great stuff !!

Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

Epic Free Albums - Tropical Cumbia

Familia, here are tree marvelous new Albums - all freeloders - grab it !!

Starting Tropical with the Brooklyn based Cumba Mela Collective. After touring Colombia they throwing out a must-have EP

Randy Salazar Jr. comes from Monterrey, Mexico and is the King de la Cumbia Rebajada. This is Volume No 2 and if you like Rebajadas you will love this. Epic Work !!

The Cologne based Global Bass promoters of “Mash It Up!” (aka. Rafael Baska & Daferwa) comming out with a fine Tropical compilation. Grab 20 free Tunes by Uproot Andy, DJ Sabo, DJ Orion, Captain Planet, Matanza, Natema, Bumps, Javier Estrada, Caballo, DJ Comrade, DJ Melo, Pickster One, Deela, Multiplier, Mosca Verde, Kosta Kostov, Mad Mation and Chlodwig Boyz, now. Lots of Tropical Clubbangers on this !!
Dowload it here or here

Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Radio Revolution

(You are listenig to it) It's Sunday-Video-Evening
Starting tropical with Mexican Dubwiser ft. Rocky Dawuni

From Argentina Chancha via Circuito

Gettin Traditional with La Tambora La Candelaria singin El Niño Inmaculado
Muchisima Gracias Señora Ana Matilde Alvarado Sajonero de Bolivar

and back to the electronics with Palenke Soultribe

Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

Mixtapes Colegiales

Ok, this time I bring on some Mixes by my dear fellows on Starting with our Boss Marfix gettin mad. Shure you heard his Radioshow Riddims Tropicale. Here he comes with No 23 havin Austins CumbiaBassTerrorists DJ Orion and King Louie in the Studio. This is Big Fun - Welcome the Peligrosa Crew !!
But this is not all - it gettin bigger, real evil. Check out Riddims Tropical No 24 havin Que Bajos "all darling" Uproot Andy in di house playing Back to Back with Berlins Silent Pressure.
Many people think that the Tropical Bass Blog is a Berlin Blog, but this is not the truth - we're a Berlin - Frankfurt - Toronto - Darmstadt Blog - memba dat !! So next come Frankfurts finest Bedroom DJ Mr Leub with a very fine Kuduro Mix.
and brandew he did two dirty Moombah Mixes.

So last I have an outernational recommendation - From Cordoba Argentina, Señor Boris Low mixing deep and dubsteppin Cumbia and Bass

Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Cuuuumbia give-aways !!
Tropico Quasar Remixed - Cuero Digital

So there are two brandnew releases for free give away - both are really great !!
First the Rebelsounds Blog and Caballos Latino Resiste teamed up to bring out the "CUERO DIGITAL" with all killers - no fillers - only Cumbia Bangers. Maga Bo remixes Petrona Martinez, Pernett with an original Tune, Andrés Digital mashup Ken Booth, Dragao Style and Gux Swadharma with Tunes from their forthcoming Albums, Javier Estrada, Kinky Electric Noise, Nahuatl Sound, Algucil Dubkilla, Territorio Comanche and more

El Sonido Desconocido II coming out soon with their brandnew Album Tropico Quasar and Caballito starts with a lil teaser for this great Album. Here coming 10 Remixes of the original material by Cero 39, G-Flux, Amantes del Futuro, Bigote, Cadereira and more...take it !!

Montag, 28. Mai 2012

La Cuuuuumbia y las Videos

First comes La Cumbia del Cuesto Ñero from Sonido Desconocido II remixed by Bigote Sucio. I made a lil Interview with Diego and Karen somedays ago for If you haven't read it, do it. The new Album comes very soon, catch it.
And shure you know my remix I did years ago!!

Next one comes from Compañera Caterina from Peru - Cholita Sound

More traditon and less cumbia, pero sueña la Marimba y las aires pacificas. This are "Los Alegres de Telembi" live from the Festival Petronio. Riiiiico !!

Back to Cumbia, a classic from Lucho Bermudez remixed by La Typica Sound System.  

That the Cumbia Balkan Connection works really good is no secret. So here comes Señor Coconut remixing the Kocani Orkestar. 

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

Domingo Mixtapes

Today I have some Mixes for you - talkin bout Cumbia, 3ball, Cumbaistep and some Moombah.

First comes my good friend Pedrolito from Paris who runs big with his mixseries "Dale Amor a la Cumbia que la Cumbia te lo vuelve" <- this works try it out. This is round 34 !! Also this is part of the Cumbia Scream Soundclash he fight out with Captain Cumbia.

Bang Data - Bang Data 
Bomba Estereo feat Jiggy Drama - Matador 
Paco Mendoza - Fosforito (Produced by DJ Vadim) 
EL Fata - Sweet and Nice (Andrés Digital Cumbia Remix) 
Cumbia Tokeson - Amanecer 
La Inedita - Chapasa 
Albert Dj - Ciclon 
CafedeCalaveras - Mentirosa 
Ovni Guaraje - Caminito de belen

Then we have a 3ball Mix "Muevelo L.A" made by Mad Decents Mr Benzona. If you dont know 3ball or Trribal Guarachero - the mexicans call it techno, but this is to easy. Its Uptempo music mad with Pointy Boots gettin real mad. A bailar !!
1. DJ Fabian Megue- Titanic 3ball
2. DJ Sonic Coacalco- Soy El Diablo - [Exclusive Mix] 
3. DJ Zack-dj-klozer Cumbia 
4. DJ Tim Dolla- Hit It 2 The Beat (DJ Otto Remix) 
5. Swick-Pasta 
6. Satyricon- Dark Medieval Times (Ezekiel Spliff break Edit) 
7. Lil Wayne - No Love (Dj Chicer 3ball Remix) 
8. DJ Jhonacks- Tik Tok(Personal Rmx 3ball 2012) 
9. DJ Alan Rosales & DJ Erick Rincon - Short Dick Men (Tribal Mix) 
10. DJ Javier Estrada- Guerrero Azteca 
11. DJ Chicer-Lonely Sound(original privatotota mix) 
12. DJ Alan Rosales- Better Of Alone(Waracha) 
13. DJ  Asir (Suena Regio)- Vente Vamos a Bailar 
14. DJ  Sheeqo Beat - work (tribal mix) 
15.Bert On Beats- King Konga 
16. DJ Tetris - Early Soundz ( Tribal Mix ) 
15. DJ  taCk - La Pachanga loca 2.0 (OriginalMix) 
18.Zombie nation - Alan Rosales(3ballMTY)-(Carlos Candela) 
19.Joelito- Sickhead 
20.Munchi- Skrillex Es Un Monto 
21.Rico Tubbs-Ghetto Funk Baby(Sheeqo Beat Vs High Rankin Mix) 
22.Coldplay-Clocks (Mr Kanti W Remix) 
23.mgmt kids guarachero

3rd we have Bombombum from Hamburgo coming up with a new Mix - a big crossover between Dubstep and Cumbia.
h.d.l.t.-koombia kon lluvia (deepmix)
filastine-shanty tones
bigote-mapu (petardo rmx)
tu gaina-chi pero no
yelram selectah-my bass (elbarba dub rmx)
or@lestyle-la banda no esta borracha
los chicos altos-cumbia yaa
loveavalanche ft. mc benjamin-more love (andres digital just love rmx)
copia doble sistema ft. catar_sys-doble troble (camanchaca rmx) 

And last a mix by Neki Stranac from Shazalakazoo mixing up the tropical Side of Moombahton. There is no preview link, you have to load it direct.
01. Retrick Abigail & Yvan Serano – Pista Pra Negocia (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)

02. Blasterjaxx – Timpani (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
03. Sean Paul – She Doesn`t Mind (Horsepower Remix – Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
04. Bongo – Afrodisc (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
05. The Partysquad – Go Down Low (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
06. David Jones – E Samba (Plastik Funk Remix – Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
07. Roul & Doors – Guinea (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
08. Amadou & Mariam – Africa (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
09. Mastiksoul – Yakuba (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
10. Sail Joia – Amsterdao (DJ Silence Remix – Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
11. Swick – Jogalani (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
12. Bert On Beats feat. Anbuley – Kelewele (Neki Stranac Remix)