Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

More Cumbia-Bass Eps - Chancha Via Circuito and I forgot to mention Dany F

Pedro Canale aka Chancha Via Circuito comes from Buenos Aires Argentina and is related to the fabolous ZZK Records. The pioneer of the electronic Cumbia-Bass Scene comes out with an epic chilled 5 Track EP.
Read his history: "It turns out that my neighbor’s tree grew so much recently that one morning I woke up to a large tree branch in the kitchen of my house. It seems to have come in during the night, through the window, below the exhaust fan.
As soon as I saw it I stood there blinking and confused, and before I was able to say anything she swayed, and in a language without words she recited a poem from the most yellowest of leaves.
It was so sweet that it instantly won me over, I invited her to have breakfast with me and she accepted rocking back and forth.
Leaning towards the cinnamon cloved tea she said “Wait till it cools off a little and sip it on the earth beneath my trunk” and so I did.  We stared at each other for a while, and later with a gesture of courtesy we began to talk.
It was a silent conversation, where we spoke about the importance of rainy days, that although we humans don’t always get wet, we too get watered. We both agreed that the morning rays of sun were the best and also how special the autumn light is.
I told her how the seasons affected us and she was surprised to hear that we were also affected by the influence of the moon and its cycles.
I was surprised to hear that she was also knowledgable of the lives of all the other trees and plants in the neighborhood, and how well they kept their secrets.  When she told me of the speed with which they accept the pain of their losses, I could not believe it.
We spent the afternoon philosophizing as good friends, and as the night arrived she allowed me to curl up with her until I fell asleep.
The next morning the branch had disappeared.  And as I looked outside I was saddened to see that a neighbor had completely pruned the tree.  Desperately I screamed at the amputated tree trunk to see if I could help, but it no longer was able to respond.
But to my dismay I looked down and saw the answer.
The branch had left her seeds scattered all over my kitchen floor."

Dany F comes from Medellin, Colombia and is well known for his lovley Cumbia-House Mixture. He has a 4 Track EP out on KONN Recordings wich will make you move for shure. Their are only Single Downloads via Soundcloud available.

Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

Happy Holidays Give Away Post

Ok, you know the message for 2013 is - Find Love, find Peace - find Cumbia - here are the hottest give aways for Month Dezember.

Starting with the Productions of Cumbiamaster Andrés Digital who has two fresh EPs out
"Aventuras Colombianas" is released via Rebel Rec. wich is a Sublable of the marvelous Latino Resiste. Here you will find Cumbias (by Alex Acosta, Lucho Bermudez) remixed and mashuped (with Artist like Supercat, General Levy, Lemmy Kilmister, Abba) Sonidos Afropacificos (Grupo Socavon, Son Palenque)

The second EP is named "Messages from outta Space" and is released via Chiles KONN Recordings. Here you find more Tropical and 3ball Sounds (but also Ska, Jungle and Moombahton) but always with this typical AD Cumbia-Bass MashUp Sound.

If I was talking bout KONN Recordings wich have really beatifulll releases out (check their backcataloge !!) here is a Downtempo Cumbia Ep by Ucayali Maestro from Lima, Peru. Perfect music to chill and fly away !!

I had very much fun with the Remixes and Blends from La Tirana Caravana (From Santiago de Chile to Freiburg, Germany) this year and he packed three Eps with this Tropical stuff he made this year. This includes stuff like this

ShazaLaKazoo comes from Belgrade, Serbia and making the Balkan Sound Tropical. Here comes a Remix EP with Remixes by Chong X, the Binary Cumbia Orchesta  and many more mashing up many different styles from Cumbia, to Jungle to Balkan.