Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Mixtapetime with the Metalheadz, the Wobble Lovers and Anibal Pacheco - Drum and Bass, Moombah and Deutsch Pachanka.

Starting with a classic Drum and Bass Mix by the Metalheadz going back all the years till 1996. This goes out to Kemistry sadley passed away 14 years ago (25.04.99) RIP.
Playlist is not avalable here, sorry.

The Wobble Lovers coming strong with some Moombahton
1. Dillon Francis & Diplo ft. Maluca - Que Que (Neki Stranac Zouk Bass Remix) 
2. Wobble Lovers - Yo! Pull Up 
3. Wobble Lovers - Me Duele ft. Mc Rayna 
4. Voodoo Rebel - El Moombah Rebel 
5. Zeskullz - WTF 
6. Baxter Beez - Party Every Night (Wobble Lovers Remix) 
7. Wobble Lovers - Tocando Pra Voce 
8. Major Lazer Ft. Busy Signal - Watch Out (Bumaye) 
9. Akeejuice Rockers - Girls, girls, girls 
10. Voodoo Rebel - Useless 
11. Bro Safari - Da Worm 
12. Dillon Francis - Masta Blasta 
13. Wobble Lovers - Push It
14. ShazaLaKazoo - Merava Mindzake (The Binary Cumbia Orchestra Remix)
And last I have a Mix made by Anibal Pacheco for Colombian Radio Mixticius presenting the Deutsch Pachanka direct from the Caribbean coast of Germaica.
Download or open in a new Tab.
01. Paco Mendoza & DJ Vadim – Los ejes de mi carreta
02. Seeed – Dickes B (ft. Kappa)
03. Irie Revoltes – Antifaschist
04. Berlinski Beat – Feuerwehrmarsch
05. Polkaholix – Hans Bleib Da
06. Rude Hi-Fi & The BarrioBeaterz – We didn’t cross the borders
07. iLLBiLLY HiTEC – State of emergency (feat. Longfingah & Lady N)
08. Radikal Sunflowers – Come Again (feat. Isabelle)
09. Jamaram – La Famille
10. La Papa Verde – Bombones de amor
11. Lex Barker Experience – Quiero Bailar
12. Sexto Sol – Malas raíces
13. Yellow Umbrella – Time time time (feat. Dr. Ring Ding)
14. Les Babacools – Carne
15. DLC Südsound – Tumbao Disonao

Samstag, 13. April 2013

Videos soooo nice !!!

Im shure Major Lazer will do it again. I really love this songs. With songs like Bumaye and Get Free you Mash Up every big Dance. So much Style and Bass. Watch out fo dis !!
Boogat has just an easy question, the guy is hyperactive and throws out banger after Banger... Who eres hecha par mi ??
and now...have a little Smoke and relax maybe dance and wave something...DJ Subversivo presenta Mona Ku Rap

Whaaa gwaaaaan ? A lil Spanish Reggae by Ana Sol y La Candela...from Barcelona

Montag, 1. April 2013

Video Sunday (Fuck its Monday)

Its a rainy day in Barcelona today, so I have some time to look some Videos and share them with you. Watch out...

CUMBIA - From Argentina comes El Remolón y su Conjunto - Constitución

TROPICAL BASS - From the Netherlands comes KIT - Jackhammer

CUMBIA - Also from Netherlands comes SKIP and DIE (so be carefull) - Anti Capitalista

CUMBIA - From Bogota, Colombia comes ALGUACIL DUB KILLA ft. Pih Poh - Rebel Sounds

SALSA - HOP - From Barna comes the SUPER SPANISH COMBO - La Hipoteca

and at the end some classic SKA Tunes by TONY COOK and the SKATALITES with some Background Informations...