Samstag, 29. September 2012

The Mega Give Away Post - New marvelous Cumbia EPs
Its gettin cold outside en Alemania so get yourself well dressed and grab some hot music !!
Here we have 4 big Eps all freeloaders !!

Give Away No 1 Ondatropica EP
Conceived by Colombian musician Mario Galeano, the force behind the band Frente Cumbiero, and English producer Will Holland aka. Quantic, Ondatrópica brings together an all-star cast representing both the classic and modern styles of la musica Colombiana.

Give Away No 2 Dinamita (Tributo a la Sonora Dinamita)
The original orchestra was formed in 1960 in Cartagena de Indias/Colombia under the direction of bandleader Lucho Argain. It disbanded in 1963, but was re-formed in 1975 under the direction of Julio Ernesto Estrada "Fruko" Rincón, the artistic director of the Disco Fuentes Record Lable. In 1981, " While the group's lineup has changed, it has always featured a strong female vocalist, including Mélida Yará, Vilma Díaz, Margarita Vargas, and Susana Velasques, to accompany its ten-piece brass instrumentation. Here they getting remixed and mashupped by Vetiver Bong, Javier Estrada, Albert DJ, Add on the Bass and many more

Give Away No 3 Cumbiasound EP
Caballito comes out with Release No 37 on their Netlabel and celebrating 2 years of activism. So here come Daniel Fridell-Soulrebel with his Band Cumbiasound bringing real music for real people

Give Away No 4 - Sonido Guay Neñë
In less than a month to get into the studio to record their first LP, Sonido Guay Neñë, presents a collection of remixes based on material advancement, which launched the band in late 2011. There are four remixes done by producers from around the world: Doble Copia Systema (Denmark), Rafael Aragon (France) and Bigote (Spain) and Tropikore (Venezuela, currently based in Buenos Aires) show as musical premonitions, the mess that precedes Sonido Guay Neñë from Mendoza, with impending debut.

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