Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

Carnival is coming near
You ready fi di road ?? Some Videos...some more music sooncome !!
Machel starting the power
Multinational Coca Cola has his own Riddim. Better drink your Rhum without dat, but the Riddim is hot!!
From Guayana with deep African Roots to the World
Watch Ziggy Rankin groovin
Frame is Wining like a Badass and givin away the song fi free
and last I remember Berlins KDK last summer. We had a Big Time !! KDK 2012 sooncome !!

Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

  Dancehallnews from Germany

 The original Ganjasmoka Benjie is back with a brandnew Album and this is really remarkable. After a hard time and tuff problems with his his old lable he's gettin part of the Urban Tree Family and bringing out his 3. Album "Gelobtes Land" (Praised Land) Well, what should I say, this is a perfect Dancehall Album with German lyrics. This got Vibes, this got beatz, this got lyrics !!
Check the Live Video recorded in Berlins Yaam.
So the beatz....the beatz...the riddims -> I said before that I love the Scrucialist, in my opinon the best Backin Band around, also involved is Ganjaman and Felix Wolter. My favorite Tunes are Hände hoch (Hands Up), Feierabend (Home Time), Für 0 Euro (For No Money) and Zu Hause (At Home) but the whole Album is real tight, spiritual and danceable.
So listen the Album Snippet for yourself and you too could spread a positiv vibe on soundcloud...leave a comment !! Show your love for the Lone Ranger, the only Ganja Smoka...
Check him out on Tour
03. 02. 2012 - Regensburg / Alte Mälzerei
11. 02. 2012 - Aurich / tba.
13. 04. 2012 - Zwettl a. d. Rodel (A) / Becks
14. 04. 2012 - Großwarasdorf (A) / Kuga
17. 04. 2012 - Innsbruck (A) / Aftershave Club
20. 04. 2012 - Langenthal (CH) / tba.
21. 04. 2012 - Merkker Baden (CH) / tba.
29. 06. 2012 - Perg (A) / Jederzeit

Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Mondays Dancing

Ok, this post is about Dancehall Music. I mean D.A.N.C.E.hallmusic.
So first...
there are people saying that Dubstep has nothinng to do with Dub, has nothing to do with Reggae. So listen this and look dem dance and feel the Vibe
...and a lil Soca Dance Lesson by Aya...wave everyting you got !!
and...later we will have a Cumbiadancespecial...for warm this two having fun on the dancefloor...Cumbia Texana Style

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

Latinoresiste presents 3ball EP from Mr. Kanti W
This is a must download if you love 3ballismo - Banger after Banger - remember the Name Mr. Kanti W from Monterrey, Mexico