Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

Mixtapetime - Tropical Parang !!

First A Parang Mix by MarflixParang is a seasonal folk music from Trinidad played around Christmas time. It’s very likely that Parang was brought to Trinidad by Venezulan migrants. Parang is usually played by small bands with Cuatro, Guitar, Shak Shak (Maracas), Toc Toc (Claves), Mandoline, Bass Box and other instruments. In Trinidad, traditional parang music is largely performed around Christmas time, when singers and instrumentalists (collectively known as the parranderos) travel from house to house in the community, often joined by friends and neighbours. While the traditional Parang is sung in Spanish, the modern version – Parang Soca – is in English.


Mastamind – What Is Christmas Without a Rum
RemBunction – Macafouchette
Ajala – Bring Yuh Rum
Ricardo Drue – Fork
Sliver & Ice – Eating Everything
Da Spirits – Sweet Bread
Preacher – Ah want a liquor
Leon Coldero – Ron
Marcia Miranda – Bring Out De Ham
Annoited – Brint Out The Rum
Scareface – Free Drinks
King David – Trini Christmas
Generation X – Christmas Again
Sharla Dianne – Christmas Morning
General Grant – House_to_house
Ken “Professor” Philmore – Christmas Stagger
Ataklan – Christmas Stagger
Sheldon Blackman – Home 4 Christmas
Bunji Garlin – What is Christmas
Scarface – Theifing Santa
Gen-Ex – Ah Different Christmas
Jadee – Ah Touching Down
Renice – Ah Sweet Christmas
Denise Belfon & The Family – Mandolin Fiesta
RemBunction – Baila La Parang
Baron feat. H2o Phlo – De Sweetest Christmas Lime
Ziggy Rankin – Woman For Christmas
Leon Coldero – Bella Trinidad
Patch – All I Want For Christmas
Crazy – Maria
D’ Chancellor – Rum and Parang
Annesia – Bobolups
Creig Camacho – Garlic Pork
3rd Bass – Who Party Is Dis
Ronoman – Bachellor
3 Amigos – Rum Confessions
Patch – Nothing
Shaft – Tabanca Christmas
Chucky – Ole Time Christmas
Pelf – Last Brush
KMC – Iceless Christmas
D’ Chancellor – Why Yuh Drink Meh Rum?
Francine – Hurray Hurray
Bindley B – Santa Say
Crazy and Friends – More love for christmas
Neisha “jus’ tis” Guy – I pay fuh dat
Young Voice – Loving Neighbor
Marcia Mirinda – Rund de Bread
Fuki – Suzie 
Relator – Bottle & Spoon
Merc – Puncheon
Sprangalang – Bring Drinks
Chai – De Parang Cyah Done

On the second one  you will get a full dosis of Sunshine, Bass, Love…and it gonna make you mooove your booooty !! Cumbia, 3ball, Moombahton, Tropical Bass, Dubstep in a tight Mix by Andrés Digital

1 - Babylon King – Indidginus ft. Teba
2 - Personal Jesus - Johnny Cash – Gooffee Remix 
3 - Fever - Grodio ft. Nini Martini
4 – Komba – Buraka Som Sistema ft. Kaysha
5 - Tak-te-ting (‘ed gone) – Marflix Original Mix
6 - Intentalo (Me Prende) - DJ Erick Rincon
7 - El Canto Del Mariachi – Dj YaCk Ft Dj Eriasu
8 - One Step – Dj Alan Rosales & Dj Sonic
9 - When Johnny Comes 3ball - Dj KlaC
10 - La Marimba Costeñota - DJ Kury Ft Tetris
11 - Cumbia Brasileira – Andrés Digtal Mash Up – BEP, Sergio Mendes, Ding Dong, Gorillaz, Los Rakas, Sean Paul, Busy Signal
12 - I’m in Love – Urbano vs. Dub Pistols – Lindy Layton and Rodney P
13 - Gota Frita – DJ Orion Edit
14 - Juanita - Bigote
15 - Cumbiamba 2011 - Rafael Aragon
16 - La Cumbia del Justino – Andrés Digital Remix - Grupo Socavon
17 - Hoy volvi a verte – El retutu – Los reyes de la Milanga Remix
18 - Under mi Sensi – Alguacil Cumbiakilla ft Mr. Vegas
19 – Lighters up  – Caballo Latinozo Remix – Lil Kim & Tego Calderon
20 - Boom Wah Dis – Burro Banton – Hat + Hoodie Moombahton Remix
21 - Gracias - Munchi
22 - Jump In The Line - Harry Belafonte -  Codes Remix 
23 - Cubia - Jon Kwest
24 - Coño Pa - DJ Orion
25 - Paris Luanda – Sabo Moombahton Remix
26 - Ta Lista – Los Rakas – Sonora Remix
27 – Pijama – Mendez vs. Melo Remix
28 - Nice up di area - Grodio
29 - Sex Sax – Doc Adam Moombahton Drop The Lime Edit
30 - Shabba Not Petrol RMX - Hat + Hoodie – RFS Remix

VIDEOTIME - Sección Cumbia

Niña Dioz & Li Saumet - La Cumbia Prohibida

Noblezza El Colombiano - Kinky Cumbia

Bomba Estereo - La Cumbia Sicodelica

Chico Trujillo - LOCA

Samstag, 26. November 2011

It's Free - it's hot - it's Global Tropical !!

It's really hard, there is so much much good music out there in the moment. So I got 3 new EPs/Albums for you...Check'em, grab'em !!

The Reggae Cumbia Soundclash goes on - here comes Rafa Caivano, one half of the Frikstailers with a 3 Track remix EP giving Jahtaris Digital Dub Reggae a Cumbia Note !!

Ernest is Volfoniq first "own" album. After 7 years traveling, meeting and sharing, producing EPs and remixes, the musician lays his famous hat to share with you 11 tracks inspired by his experiences...this is a perfect Dub Album !! Also check out Volfoniques Netlabel. 

Black Mandingo comes with a deeeeep 8 Track Cumbia EP, this is rebajada !!

Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

Reggae-Cumbia Soundclash
Andrés Digital vs. Mykol Orthodox

Another 2 big EPs for free Download.
This time it’s Andrés Digital coming out with his second Cumbia EP. After his last year EP ” Viva La Cumbia” and the Mixtapes “La Cumbia desde Colombia hasta el Mundo Vol. 1 and Vol. 2” he comes with an EP combining real Reggae Classics with Cumbiapercussion and Grooves, mashing up the generes. So you will find some instant hits on this. Featured singers are Eek a Mouse, Dawn Penn, Lady Saw, Johnny Osborne, Alika, Ward 21, Shurwayne Winchester, Alizee, Wayne Smith, B-Real, Damian Marley, Anthony Kiedis, Cocoa Tea, Buju Banton, Shaggy, Joey Ramone, Vybz Kartel and Horace Andy.

From Tijuana/Mexico comes Mykol Orthodox mashing up more the 90s DancehallStyle with Cumbia. Real good job done !! GET IT via Cabeza. Featured Artists are Admiral Bailey, Chaka Demus, Dennis Alcapone, Macka B, Supa Bassie, Solo Banton, Tippa Irie and Zakeya

Freitag, 4. November 2011

Curandero Cumbiahtronical
2 brandnew Cumbia Freeloader

We got another two big Cumbia EPs for give away. Check dem out, really nice digital Cumbia stuff !!
First comes Rafael Aragón aka. Rafiralfiro from France with an EP mixing up Cumbia with Dubstep, IDM, Dub,Hip-hop and Drum’n’Bass cooking a Global Bass Bouillabaisse for the spanish Cumbiaactivistas from Caballito.

And second comes DJ Broken Record with a 4 Track EP setting Clint Mansell, Phillip Glass and Moby in a global Cumbia Bass Context. 

Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011

Videotime !!

Starting with a Classic P18 Version of Toto La Momposinas "La Verdolaga"

The Dub Pistols with their Banger "I'm in Love" - Could you feel the Love ??

DJ DUS coming with a Cumbia Banger - Ke Le Pasa ??

Seeed is workin on a new Album. I love the new stuff and here comes a Coverversion of Molotovs "Wonderfull Life" - No need to run !!

Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

Dancehallnews from Germany

Radikal Sunflowers Colectivo coming with a brandnew Album celebrating 10 years of ReggaeDancehall entertainment with a strong Soca and Cumbia influence. Release Party will be in their Hometown Darmstadt, Bessunger Knabenschule 21.10. - Start 22 Uhr - Make it a Date if you around. The Colectivo will be joined by beautifull Isabelle and "Mr. Futuristic Dancehall" Singin Gold and Dynamight Sound.
and some more freeload Tunes
Symbiz Sound coming with a Remix of a Ephraim Juda Song
and Illbilly Hitec with our favorited Homie Longfingah with a deeeeep Ting
Keep on Rollin is also the Motto for their International Tour - catch dem
08.10. D - Dachau, 20.10. MK - Skopje, 21.10. BG - Sofia,
22.10. BG - Plovidiv, 29.10. UK - London, 30.10. UK - Cardiff,
02.11. H - Budapest, 04.11. H - Sopron, 05.11. H - Kapuvar,
10.11. IN - Delhi, 11.11. IN - Bombay, 12.11. IN - Pune,
18.11. IN - Bangalore, 24.11. D - Berlin, 25.11. D - Stuttgart 

Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

Lovers Rock - The Film
The STORY OF LOVERS ROCK is a feature length documentary tells the story of an era and a music that defined a generation in the late 70s and 80s. Lovers Rock is romantic reggae that was uniquely British. It developed from a small UK scene to become a global brand through the likes of UB40 and Maxi Priest.
Lovers Rock was particularly influential to a new generation of black British young women and men who identified with this music that reflected their experiences. Female artists like Louisa Marks, Janet Kay, Brown Sugar, Carroll Thompson led a 'girl power explosion in it's early phase.
The music provided a coping mechanism against a backdrop of racial tension and riots across the UK as well as being a counterpoint to the male dominated 'roots' scene. 
The film combines live performances with some of the Kings and Queens of Lovers Rock with comedy sketches, interviews and archive material. 
Interviews include Denis Bovell, UB40, Levi Roots Linton Kwesi Johnson, Angie La Ma, Maxi Priest, Mykaell Riley, The comedy sketches are provided by the likes of Eddie Nestor, Robbie G, Wayne Rollins, Glenda Jaxson. Rudi Lickwood, John Simmit., Annette Fagon.
Check the Trailer

More Info

Samstag, 24. September 2011

Dancehall News From Germany
Talkin to Mr. Futuristic Dancehall - Singin Gold

Jamaican-born artist Singin Gold has been based in Germany since 2001 and looks back onto more than two decades of musical creativity. It was in his local church choir in the Jamaican town of Robins Bay, where he collected his first experiences in the music scene. Already at this early age he began writing texts and composing music. Before moving to Germany he had already drawn much attention to himself by taking part in a number of talent shows and appearing on just as many sound system parties. And here in Germany he continues doing precisely what he was born to do: recording songs, playing at festivals throughout the country and performing in German as well as other European clubs. Ready to take his music to a whole new level, he began his collaboration with Symbiz Sound in 2010.

RS - You started to work with symbiz sound in 2010. how did it come to the collaboration ?
SG - ok i met chris(symbiz) quite a few years ago in a but we did did anything together at that by chance i met him in the year 2010 and he ask me sing a dub for symbiz sound and thats how the whole thing started!

RS - What new projects are planned ?
SG -  We are just work on new material and see how far it goes!!!

RS - Now your living for more than 10 years in germany. What do you still miss ?
SG - I live in Germany now for 8 years not 10 for the record.. but what i still miss is a lot cause the mentitaly is diffrent here in germany form jamaica...but i would say the food. the sea. big sound boxes sting up on every corner on holidays!!are just some of the things!!!


Next Live Date - 21.10. Darmstadt, Bessunger Knabenschule - Love + Unity celebrating 10 Years Radikal Sunflowers Colectivo with Special Guest Singin Gold and Dynamight Sound !!

Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

Deep Mixtapes Day

Doubla J is a Costa Rica born Dancehall Artist living in Munich. For more than 10 years, he performed as Soundsystem MC and as Lead-singer of the german DancehallReggae Band “Roots Rock Pioneers”, but I’m pretty sure most of you will remember him from his appearance on the Schlachthofbronx debut album. He’s the DeeJay from the wicked “Spot Clean”! Now
 he dropped his first Artist-Mix featuring 25 of his Tunes over hundreds of Beats from nearly all genres, mostly performed in Patois. “Cant Puzzle Me” is a free Artist -Mix (compiled by Mad Curl) somewhere between Dancehall, HipHop and Global Bass…

Second comes a mixtape deep into dubby Dubstep - are your ready to scream the basslines ?? DESTINATION SOUND - serving the finest dub, roots and dubstep since 2002-based in Göttingen and Mainz.
For Download click the Cloud than the Arrow
High Tone | Depth Led Piperz rmx11
Tim Ismag | Megamozg
6Blocc | Believe It (The Bassist Remix)
Biometrix | Bassline Skanker Bassline Skanker
Flux Pavilion & Foreign Beggars | Lines In Wax - FORWARD
Rockso | Soundboy Shank - Original
Ashburner | Badness - Original Mix
EmalKay | Fabrication - Original Mix
Drop Top | Machete (High Rankin Remix)
FS | Touch O Klass
Davr | Checkmate
Davr | Mech
Caustik | Herbman - HD4000 Remix

Samstag, 27. August 2011

2 New Cumbia Styled EPs

Primero - El Hijo de la Diabla comes with a Album for Cocobass with Digital Cumbia stuff. With remixes by The Binary Cumbia Orchestra, Max le Daron, Santos and many more.

 Numero Dos comes from Deltatron (Lima, Peru), wich are coming up with their new Album for Terror Negro Records. Deep + Dark Cumbia stuff with a bit of Dub and Dubstep - they call it Dumbia. 

Samstag, 13. August 2011

Mixtape-Time - 3ball Guarachero vs. Moombahton

You may remember that I posted the Video for Intentalo de 3ball MTY a few days ago, here we come with a nice mixtpae from Eric Rincon, who is part of this collective: “This set represent the Backbone of my engagement of myself with the Genre known as Tribal Guarachero. In the beginning my main influences; tracks that make me want to mix, do and produce Tribal, tracks that i discover during 2005 – 2008 with some of them been more close to the Pre-Hispanic Folk Sounds that made the first wave of Tribal. During the Mix you will feel and listen the way the genre evolves little by little, arriving to what we are listening now; the evolution of Tribal Guarachero and the more dramatic and powerful “BRAVEADO” style that made the 3ballMTY Global Awareness. This is just a taste of what we are and where we come from.”
Eric Rincon - The Backbone of my 3ball Experience -> Download

1.- Cumbia – Ricardo Reyna
2.- Yelemba d Africana ( Chilango Drums ) – Dj Antena
3.- La danza de la progreso Nacional – Dj Antena
4.- El Piano MP – Manuel Palafox
5.- Sonido de Arpa ( Original Mix ) – Dj Mouse
6.- Tamborileiro – Manuel Palafox
7.- La banda Tribalona ( Erick Rincon Edit ) – DJ Mouse
8.- Oye como va ( Chilango Drums Mix ) – DJ Sobrino
9.- Que pasa – DJ Sobrino
10.- Todo mundo a Bailar ( Tribe Mix ) – DJ Roger
11.- No bailes de caballito ( Erick Rincon Tribal Mix ) – Banda el Mexicano
12.- El Malate ( 2010 Private ) – DJ Cucañas
13.- Quina – DJ Clap Pina
14.- Nestribal ( 3Ball MTY ) – DJ Otto
15.- Switch ( Sheeqo Beat Remix ) – DJ Tim Dolla
16.- Nueva Mix – T3′s & DJ Alan Rosales FT. DJ Vampiro
17.- Mafu Tama ( Sheeqo Beat Remix ) – Mozart la Parada
18.- Chika Peligrosa ( Sabroso Mix ) – T3′s, DJ Clap Pina & DJ Alan Rosales
19.- Lollipop ( T3′s Remix ) – Alexandra Stan

Second comes the "Back to School Mix" by Bro Safari - Moombahton Time !!

Dienstag, 9. August 2011

Tropical Video Tuesday

So we still got no summer in Germany and we have to dream some tropical dreams. You know that we love the Supercumbia Futurista Colectivo - here comes Afrodita presenting some sexy tropical frogs - La Cumbia de los guerreros. 
Afrodita /// La Cumbia de los Guerreros from Luis Morales on Vimeo.
More Cumbiaton from the Copia Doble Systema from Dinamarca. - Made in China
Copia Doble Systema Made in China (Bigote Remix) from Caballito on Vimeo.
DJ Otto, Sheeqo Beat and Eric Rincon from Monterrey Mexico coming up with the ultrabailable 3ballGurachero styled Intentalo
Riots in London, Birmingham, Bristol  wtf ?? Notting Hill Carnival maybe canceled ?? Superstylish and Superbassy comes Ms Dynamight with her brandnew video - Never Soft
and last - Im not a big fan of Radiohead but here comes a Drum and Bass Remix with Dave Brubeks Take Five Theme and a real nice Video - Perfect Mashup