Sonntag, 27. September 2009

80s Reggae-Sunday

Today two nice 80s Reggae mixes.
First one comes from Lionheart Selecta Mathias from Tropical Heat Blog
1. Mikey General/ Sound Doctor
2. Lilly Melody/ Cease Fire Selector
3. Sammy Levi/ Come Off The Road
4. Garnett Silk/ See Bimbo Ya!!!
5. Daddy Lilly/ Computer Track
6. Carl Meeks/ New Slang
7. Jim Brown/ Reggae Galore
8. Chicken Chest/ Raggamuffin Selector
9. Everton Bonner/ Murder She Wrote
10. Shabba Ranks/ Fresh
11. Red Dragon/ Hol' A Fresh
12. Foxy/ Muscular Man
13. Srew Driver She Boom Style
14. Lopez Walker/ Cool Me Down
15. Joe Mannix & Shaman/ No Problem
16. Rupie Culture/ Dance Hall Bubbler
17. Fatta John/ True Deceiver
18. Supercat/ Mud Up
19. Sugar Minott/ Conscious Lover
20. Derrick Irie/ Mi Nuh Computer
21. Cocoa Tea/ 86 Flood
22. Michael Buckley/ Strong Musician
23. Ashman/ Fight Over Mike
24. U U Madoo & Capt. Barky/ Mix Up
25. Delroy Katt/ Rum Nah Rap Up
26. Admiral Tibet/ Curfew
27. Eccleton Jarrett/ Turn On The Heat
28. Sanchez/ My Sound
29. Sluggy/ 95 % Black
30. Dennis Brown/ Death Before Dishonour
31. White Mice/ Conciousness
32. Talents/ How Sweet It Is

Second comes from NYs Deadly Dragon Sound
On September 6th Deadly Dragon Sound linked up with the legendary Shinehead at the Badness Business Session. With a nice, bubbling crowd Deadly Dragon and Shine went at each other with some of their favorite vinyl for a one fi one 45 shootout in totally decent style! Enjoy the sounds!

Dienstag, 15. September 2009

Some places to be round here

We really don't know what will go on in's not a loaction wich is known for Reggae Events but it's ELEPHANT MAN --- SHOW IS CANCELED !!
Next Master Blaster
09/25 Frankfurt (O25): MashUp Crew ls. Soundbwoy Destiny

Our homie Tipps is back again !!
and a Date highly recommended ( you know how we roll !!)

and a Date in Centralstation Darmstadt:
The third peace of Seeed is presenting his new Album... Dellé - 10.12.2009

Sonntag, 6. September 2009

The Afflicted Yard - Photographs from "Kingston 2002 - 2006"
A Photobook !!

You may know some of the pix, because of they gettin stolen often to make nice mixtape covers, banners and ting. So take a trip to Kingston and check out the work of Peter Dean Rickards.