Sonntag, 2. September 2012

Free awesome Albums - Cumbia from Sonido Guay Neñe and Ruidosón by Santos

“Sonido Guay-Neñe its a project dedicated to rescue ancestral roots music from Andes area, such as copla music. The copla, originally performed with voice and caja (small drum), is passed from generation to generation by the natives of the Andes, usually by women dedicated to grazing animals. In Sonido Guay-Neñe, these ancient songs are mixed with electronic rhythms and electric instruments. Sonido Guay-Neñe are: Lea Skames , Cristian Del Negro (Fauna, ZZKrecords) and Sandra Amaya, folk singer, belonging to the ethnic Huarpe.“ The Album is brilliant and contains Remixes by Rafael Aragón, Bigote and Copia Doble Systema

Prelistening via Soundcloud

Second we have Colega Santos from Mexico coming up with his new 10 Track Album ruidosonero as siempre. Perfect to fade reality away and have a chilled afternoon between madness and beatz. This is released via the Mexican Netlable Tropic-All

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