Sonntag, 4. November 2012

New Tropical - Cumbia - Bass EPs for take away

So I was leanback for a moment and as time rises fast, there are coming out new wonderfull EPs en masse spreading the Tropical-Cumbia-Bass Vibe. This is free Music for Free People - Just take it away and be happy !!

Latino Resiste rises again, this time we're going to Peru and getting Tunes and Remixes by Dengue Dengue Dengue, Subversivo, Wendy Sulca, La Inedita, Kuto Selectah Quilla, Seizo, El Gato deejay, Chong X and Caballo. You will find Chichamuffin, Indigenous Bass, Afro Peruvian folklore and Global Bass clash with Moombathon, Cumbia and World Music.
These are the spirits of UKU PACHA!! for a PACHANGA!! UKU PACHA is the side in where tormented souls and evildoers hang around!! But it also serves as counterpart so people can appreciate the beauty of PACHA MAMA!  Ruta Panamericana del Sonido UKU PACHA NGA- Dj Subversivo- Igualito al Canto (Original Mix) by latinoresiste 

Alemania Rubalcaba aka. Alemaniatica comes from Xalisco Mexico and now lives in Zürich Suiza. Here comes a fat EP with Cumbia, Dancehall, Tropical Mash Ups.
This has two Parts. One is called Loslassen (This means Let it go or Relax)
And the Second Part is called Halt mich (Hold me)

Did you ever fly with owls ? I do this everytime when Im listening to Buhos EPs. Extremly deep relaxing Music with Marimbas and Bass. This is good music to drink tea with Rum, looking out of the window and waiting for the "Things" going on or just waiting for next Summer.
The name of the EP is Y, which is the word for water in Guarani and Tupi – two languages with indigenous roots still spoken in Paraguay and Brazil. It was inspired by El Buho’s life in Amsterdam, a city surrounded by water (canals, rivers, constant raindrops), the very particular environment this creates and the way it influences life in the city. It is a homage to raindrops on rooftops, bike tires through puddles, the splashing of boats, ripples moving softly across the water and rivers trickling on. It sits somewhere between Autumnal grey skies and rivers falling down andean mountainsides. This is released via the Irish Netlable Meles Meles.

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