Sonntag, 18. April 2010

LATINO RESISTE Vol.1 - Summer has arrived !!

Latino Resiste Vol1 is finally released after months of work, from musicians, photographers and designers who put their efforts and talent for the first compilation of its kind. FREE Download !! SUBVERSIVE!! MUSICALLY CONSCIOUS!! POSITIVE BUT ALSO DISSIDENT LYRICS and including TOP of the Latino undergrond scene!!! This compilation combines not only some of the coolest, most talented new acts in Latino underground scene, but also an opportunity for the people (the real public) to have interaction with “the Movement” -A spot to express people’s opinion about latino culture and for Latinos the chance to express their vision of their own culture or what’s going on in this worldthrough Stencil, stickers, photography, their own compilations, or just spread the word!! In the file people can print the actual cover and the cd label!! the art was made by AFROMESTIZA

Cumbia, dubstep, balkan, latin, ska-jazz and much more!
The Tracklist

Latino Resiste has created an email and a FLICKR ACCOUNT so you can send your music, pics and designs to
Also: If you know/have a Band,DJ,Song that fits to the “MOVEMENT” no matter the genre, Country of Origin, released or not - you can send it !! That is why it's more than just a music compilation, it’s A GAME CHANGER!!!

Montag, 5. April 2010

A lesson in DANCE and the GENERAL

First watch Jahdan Blakkamoore with his brandnew video

and then we have a open-air lesson in Dance by French Dancehallqueen Amzone