Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

AZ Gunslingaz - Moombahtime again

DJ Pickster & Melo did it again, Arizona gone mad...another fresh & free EP.
Lurking between the sharp thorns of a cactus plant and 300 feet high clouds of dust in a sandstorm lies the AZ Gunslingaz. A group of young Moombahtonistas from Phoenix Arizona. In an effort to put a southwest stamp on the fast rising Moombahton Scene, DJ/Producer Pickster compiled an EP of edgy and contemporary Moombahton/Moombacore tunes from DJ Melo, Mendez, Sluggo, Riot Earp, and himself. Each producer brings their own Arizona vibe and style to the table, DJ Melo with his latin percussion bass, Mendez and Sluggo with their DNB-Dubstep influenced El Cuco Recordings, Riot Earp with his jump up in your face style, and Pickster with his heavy drum, synthy, big room sound. This is just a snapshot of what’s going on in Phoenix right now. Other Moombahtonistas are popping up all over the Arizona scene as you read this. In an effort to kick up dust and bass bins at the same time the Gunslingaz EP presents a Southwestern, desert, gun shootout, party theme. Instead of bullets they use sharp synth lines and deep bass tones in an effort to help define a unique Arizona Moombahton sound. Maybe in the near future you’ll see lowriders in Phoenix cruising by bumping bass filled Moombahton tunes instead of oldies, you never know.

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Dubby Sunday !!

But first I have to say, Rest in Peace AMY !!
Hope you will find, what you was searchin for.
So this is a sad and beautiful world and live goes on.
Highly recommended Dub-Producer Dubmatix from Canada is giving away his 2004 Debut Album "Champion Sound Clash". Check it out.

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Tropical Injection

In Germany we need more Sunshine, it's enough rain and to much storm, please bring back the hot dressed chicks to the streets again and let uns feel the tropical heat. Meanwhile I have some tropical beat !!

First our Homie Prince Zimboo teamed up with Soulfource for new Tune and Video
Second one is a fine complation from Mexicos Fiestas Pirata Colectivo bringing up fresh styles between Global Bass, 3ball guarachero, Cumbia, Dubstep and whatever ft. Dany F, Telésforo, Yelram Selectah, El Gato DJ, Caballo, Rafa Caivano and many more. This is a Freeload !!


Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Dancehall News from Germany

The Salute Riddim is produced by Wiesbaden finest Judge Babylon Sound. Heavy Dancehall Roller with some nice voicings by upcoming artis from Jamaica and a German Hiphoper. Check it out.

The Artists: Dadda (Jamaika), Spontaneous feat. TCM (Jamaika), Element (Jamaika), Realest(Jamaika), Chaos (Jamaika) and Nick Noname (Deutschland)