Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Dancing Sunday - Domingo Bailamos

Starting with some Trini Vibes - Soca Time !!
and this how people in Peru dance

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Cumbia, 90s Digital Reggae and some Spanish HipHop

Ok, it's download time - time again to present nice projects !!

Nahuatl Sound System is the original 11-piece Aztec Dub collective. From Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Jamaica and Australia - Nahuatl Sound System's revolutionary sound combines Latin American roots and rhythms with deep frequencies of dub, tech, electronica and reggae, heavy bass lines and powerful horn lines. The got a very nice -name your price- Album on Bandcamp. Check it out !!

Second comes a Dancehall Foundation Sound from Hamburg, Germany presenting the new WebPage.
Talking bout Silly Walks Disco. And to celebrate this Ollie and Josha givin away their beautifull remake of the Tonight Riddim.
and finally we got Rico “Filthy Rich” aka. Raka Rich of Los Rakas recently released his mixtape, El Flow Californiano. This one’s great for riding down on your bike International Boulevard in Oakland on a sunny summer day, (I write this after a rainy day). And one ting about remixes - if there is a absolut banger remix like Uproots Andy Remix from Abrazame it not necessary to do another one - but this one is nice !!

Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Mixtape Load - Cumbia, Jungle, Dancehallstyle

Today I have 3 really different mixtapes for you. Starting with the Jungle Series "Illegal Breaks n Vibes" by Berlins Selector David. He just released the third part of his series and it's absolut banging !!
Playlist Part 3
1. Benny Page - Can't Test (Vocals: Nitty Gritty)
2. Aries - Brother & Sister (Vocals: Abyssinians)
3. LJudas & Tenor Diamond - Dem A Dragon
4. Psycho Freud & Murray Man - Originality
5. Visionary - Kingly Character (Vocals: Garnett Silk)
6. Visionary & Camp Souljah - Ganja Fire
7. Visionary & Camp Souljah - Run For Your Life
8. Rhythm Beater - Love For Granted (Vocals: Tanya Stephens & Sizzla)
9. Visionary - Gimme Your Love (Vocals: Courtney Melody)
10. Benny Page - Urban Tribe
11. Kenny Ken - Murder You Benny Page Remix (Vocals: Desmond Dekker)
12. Dimension Of Soundz - Herbalist
13. Knowledge & Wisdom feat. Demolition Man, Tenor Fly & Cowboy Ranger - Loyal To The Game
14. Visionary & Peter Rankin - War In The Streets
15. LJudas & Million Stylez - Fade Away Jungle
16. Knowledge & Wisdom & Cowboy Ranger - Nothing But A Junglist
17. Visionary & Peter Rankin - Around The World (T Power Remix)
18. Potential Badboy, Yush & Mc Fats - Girlz
You want more ??

Soundgoods comes up with a new Cumbia Mixtape. And if this guy is mixing Cumbia it's allways a must download. This time it's a mix of Cumbia Sonidera, the Mexican way of playing Cumbia Villera.
01. Grupo Maravilla De Robin Revilla – Viva Mexico
02. Grupo La Cumbia – Yambao
03. Robotica
04. Estrellas De La Kumbia – Cumbia Aventura
05. La Cumbia Dance – Real Cumbia Dance
06. La Cumbia Torera
07. Grupo Majezza – La Cumbia De Los Puchikas
08. Princesa Talibana
09. Sonido Santana – Cumbia De Los Efectos Especiales
10. Lo Que Traje De Colombia
11. Los Cholos Tambien Lloran

The Ladies Crew Big Mama Sound comes from Mannheim and this is a heavy loaded Dancehall Tape by Jamaicas Boy Group No.1 T.O.K

Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

Karnival der Kulturen Berlin from 10. - 12.06.11

So Carnival of Cultures coming near. We have some recommendations for you, this is not a complete Programm. Full programm on the KDK-Pages.

First, on Friday 10. Franky Fiyah and Boone Chatta aka. the Soca Twins gettin mad with special guest Shurewayne Winchester ina 2be Club.

On Saturday it's gettin real hard. 2 Big events at he same time. Want more Soca or something for the Latin-Electronic way of live.
Carnival Glow is taking palce in the C-Club and has a real nice Line Up with Lil Rick as special guest. Ft MS Desire, Barney Milah, Mash Up Crew, Threeks, DJ Tate and many more.

If you are more interested in the Global-Ghetto-Beats you will love this.

¡RADICAL RIDDIMS! PARTY Saturday  11.06.
im Ritter Butzke, Ritterstr. 24, 10969 Berlin
SPOEK MATHAMBO live (South Africa-House / Johannesburg)

DJ FLORE (Breakbeat / Lyon) & MC RODNEY P (London)
DJ UPROOT ANDY (Cumbia Digital, Dancehall / NY)
DJ-TEAM FEMMES WITH FATAL BREAKS (Dubstep, Bassline / Berlin)
DJ MACKJIGGAH (Dubstep, UK Funky / Berlin)
DJ EDGAR (São Paulo) & ZUZUKA PODEROSA (Baile Funk / NYC)
DJ DANIEL HAAKSMAN (Man Recordings / Berlin)

On Sunday the Trucks will chipin down the road.
Some recommendations for the Soca Lovers. Sorry German only.
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YAAM - Nr.86 - -
Die Karnevalsroutiniers kommen: Zum 16. Mal dabei, traditionell mit Reggaetunes und partywütigen Yaamies auf dem Karnevalstruck mit Soundsystem nach jamaikanischem Vorbild. Wir feiern den Fortbe-stand des Yaam und die Verteidigung des Spreeufer?-Standortes am Ostbahnhof trotz Gentrifikation. Das dreitägige Spektakel im Yaam bietet allen Feierwütigen ausgiebig Gelegenheit sich im Club und am Strand tänzerisch und sportlich auszutoben oder sich mit exotischem Essen zu stärken. Kidzcorner, Beachbar, Volley-, Fußball, Halfpipe …

YARD / ESCOBAR - Nr.87 - -
Zum fünften Mal präsentieren wir den Partytruck für Soca und kari-bischen Carnival. Der Startschuss fällt schon am Vor-abend des Umzugs, im C-Club, mit unserer alljährlichen ‚Carnival Glow Party‘. Top DJs und Live-Artists werden sowohl auf der Party, als auch auf unserem Truck die Stimmung zum Kochen bringen. Unsere Masque-raders präsentieren sich mit dem Motto ‚Emerald City‘ in farbenfrohen Kostümen dem Publikum. So join us and let’s celebrate carnival! Diese Gruppe wird unterstützt von: -

Back to the Future heißt das Motto des Bass-Station-Trucks, der alle Facetten der Reggae- und Dancehall-Kultur at its best bietet. Und weil Carnival in Berlin ist, gibt’s natürlich noch Soca on top. Bass Station hat daher die besten Soundsystems versammelt. Außerdem werden Soca Twins & ein Live-Artist aus Trinidad jedem einheizen und den KdK 2011 zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis machen. Womit wir allen Größen der Szene Tribut zollen und darüber hinaus dem Karneval-Publikum die volle Bandbreite des Genres präsentieren. Mit uns feiert das Reggae-In-Berlin-Team. 

And finally the official Carnival After Party - Caribbean Invasion in Yaam ft. Mr. Slaughter and big Soundsystems.