Samstag, 27. August 2011

2 New Cumbia Styled EPs

Primero - El Hijo de la Diabla comes with a Album for Cocobass with Digital Cumbia stuff. With remixes by The Binary Cumbia Orchestra, Max le Daron, Santos and many more.

 Numero Dos comes from Deltatron (Lima, Peru), wich are coming up with their new Album for Terror Negro Records. Deep + Dark Cumbia stuff with a bit of Dub and Dubstep - they call it Dumbia. 

Samstag, 13. August 2011

Mixtape-Time - 3ball Guarachero vs. Moombahton

You may remember that I posted the Video for Intentalo de 3ball MTY a few days ago, here we come with a nice mixtpae from Eric Rincon, who is part of this collective: “This set represent the Backbone of my engagement of myself with the Genre known as Tribal Guarachero. In the beginning my main influences; tracks that make me want to mix, do and produce Tribal, tracks that i discover during 2005 – 2008 with some of them been more close to the Pre-Hispanic Folk Sounds that made the first wave of Tribal. During the Mix you will feel and listen the way the genre evolves little by little, arriving to what we are listening now; the evolution of Tribal Guarachero and the more dramatic and powerful “BRAVEADO” style that made the 3ballMTY Global Awareness. This is just a taste of what we are and where we come from.”
Eric Rincon - The Backbone of my 3ball Experience -> Download

1.- Cumbia – Ricardo Reyna
2.- Yelemba d Africana ( Chilango Drums ) – Dj Antena
3.- La danza de la progreso Nacional – Dj Antena
4.- El Piano MP – Manuel Palafox
5.- Sonido de Arpa ( Original Mix ) – Dj Mouse
6.- Tamborileiro – Manuel Palafox
7.- La banda Tribalona ( Erick Rincon Edit ) – DJ Mouse
8.- Oye como va ( Chilango Drums Mix ) – DJ Sobrino
9.- Que pasa – DJ Sobrino
10.- Todo mundo a Bailar ( Tribe Mix ) – DJ Roger
11.- No bailes de caballito ( Erick Rincon Tribal Mix ) – Banda el Mexicano
12.- El Malate ( 2010 Private ) – DJ Cucañas
13.- Quina – DJ Clap Pina
14.- Nestribal ( 3Ball MTY ) – DJ Otto
15.- Switch ( Sheeqo Beat Remix ) – DJ Tim Dolla
16.- Nueva Mix – T3′s & DJ Alan Rosales FT. DJ Vampiro
17.- Mafu Tama ( Sheeqo Beat Remix ) – Mozart la Parada
18.- Chika Peligrosa ( Sabroso Mix ) – T3′s, DJ Clap Pina & DJ Alan Rosales
19.- Lollipop ( T3′s Remix ) – Alexandra Stan

Second comes the "Back to School Mix" by Bro Safari - Moombahton Time !!

Dienstag, 9. August 2011

Tropical Video Tuesday

So we still got no summer in Germany and we have to dream some tropical dreams. You know that we love the Supercumbia Futurista Colectivo - here comes Afrodita presenting some sexy tropical frogs - La Cumbia de los guerreros. 
Afrodita /// La Cumbia de los Guerreros from Luis Morales on Vimeo.
More Cumbiaton from the Copia Doble Systema from Dinamarca. - Made in China
Copia Doble Systema Made in China (Bigote Remix) from Caballito on Vimeo.
DJ Otto, Sheeqo Beat and Eric Rincon from Monterrey Mexico coming up with the ultrabailable 3ballGurachero styled Intentalo
Riots in London, Birmingham, Bristol  wtf ?? Notting Hill Carnival maybe canceled ?? Superstylish and Superbassy comes Ms Dynamight with her brandnew video - Never Soft
and last - Im not a big fan of Radiohead but here comes a Drum and Bass Remix with Dave Brubeks Take Five Theme and a real nice Video - Perfect Mashup