Dienstag, 27. November 2012

Your Cumbia-Dealer comes out to play. Free Dope !!

I said before "the ultimate CumbiaBass Download Post" but forget it, because of this one is the ultimate CumbiaBass Download Post !! It's really heavy how much good stuff comes out in the moment. 6 EPs !! All Freeloaders !!

Chiles KONN Recordings comes out with Remixes of Colombias CERO39

The marvellous CASSETTE BLOG is celebrating the second birthday with 8 Compilations celebrating a Cumbia, Moombah, HipHop Party. This one is a Cumbia Compilation ft. Spike Devil Disco, Afrodita, G-flux, Los Reyes de la Milanga, Albert Dj Style, Andrés Digital, Boris Low, Dany F, Sonido Bestial, Stereo Revuelta, Kuto Quilla Selektah, P18LiveMachine, Inti Che, Don Juan Pachanga, Bigote and many more.

From Mexico comes this 42 Tune Cumbia Sampler compiled by Oscilador Bass. The Latin Bass Mexico Compilation contains Artists like Sonidos Desconocido II, Afrodita, Add on the Bass, Cholita Sound, Bigote, Maria Sonora, DJ Neber, Sonido San Francisco and many many more.

The Cabeza Netlabel really goes mad smashing out EP after Ep. But the Highlight of the output is this one. Sonikgroove ft. Prince Osito in a Cumbiamuffin Style with Remixes by Cherman, El Timbe, Bigote and more.

The next one has a big Chicha Influence and it has deepdeep Bass. Terror Negro Records bringing out DJ Chakrunas new EP El Sonido Brutal

Ok, your ears still open ?? Here comes another 43 Tune compilation from the Caballito Crew...It's Graveton 3 and its also their second Birthday, so be happy and take it...this one has tunes from Cumbia Cosmonauts, El Barba Dub, Meneo, Los Reyes de la Milanga, Yelram Selecta, Los Macuanos and many more

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