Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Dancehall News from Germany
Finally we got a new Dancehallqueen  !!

Yesterday the Official Dancehallqueencontest 2010 took place in Berlins Yaam.
After Pre-Elimination Rounds in Stuttgart, Leipzig, Gütersloh and Hamburg 13 dancing gals were wining for the Trophy. And the Winner after 5 Rounds of Stylishness is MAGGI -> CONGRATS !!
Second Place goes to Miss Lavender and third to Miss Fine.

Check some Rounds of Official German Dancehallqueen 2010 Maggi
Dubbed Cumbias

Mexican Dubwiser aka Marcelo Tijerina, L.A. resident from Monterrey Mexico is giving away a bunch of his remixes and edits in his Compilations. We loved the Vol 1, that came out in January, and here comes Vol.2 and this one is full of great tracks aswell. This time the he leans more towards Dub does it good. Listen for yourselfes! Free Download!

Sonidos De Hoy y Siempre Vol. 1

01 Cumbia Of The Great
02 Poli en accion (Cumbiastep Cherman Mix)
03 Adoro Una Vez (Mexican Dubwiser Mashup)
04 Fosforito
05 Sampuesano Babylon (Mexican Dubwiser Mash)
06 Sobredosis De Sabor
07 Cumbia Del Mexicano Artista (Feat Alejandro Jodorowsky)
08 Sapuezana y Atrevete (Felipe Alvarado Mix)
09 Porra Caguamera (Mexican Dubwiser & Toy Selectah Mashup)
10 Cumbia Rapera
11 Pasion y Vida (Mexican Dubwiser Refix)
12 Pesebre
13 Tonta (Mexican Dubwiser Re-Dub)
14 Cumbia de la Paz (Sistema Local Step Up Remix)
15 Those Girls (Mexican Dubwiser Ri-Mex)
16 I Got the Sound (Stereotyp Rmx)


1. Hacienda – Mexican Dubweiser
2. The Clash - One More Dub (Mexican Dubwiser & Toy Selectah Cumbia Clash)
3. Son Machin – Sonora Colombus
4. Atom Heart & Tea Time – Loco (Mexican Dubwiser ReDub)
5. Dick El Demasiado – Flaca De Las Coloradas
6. Yerba Brava – Cumbia Villera (Mexican Dubwiser Dub Edit)
7. ContraBanda – Sr. Matanza
8. Outkast – So Fresh, So Crunk (Mexian Dubwiser Rebajado Remix)
9. Freehole Negro – Reso (Metiendo El Coco)
10. Bomba Estereo – + Fuego (Mexican Dubwiser + La Cherga 2011 Remix)
11. Cuban Hiphop All-Stars – Tengo
12. Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich & Fussible – Brown Bike (Mexican Dubwiser Remix)
13. Brownout – Chanclas De Ninja (Mexican Dubwiser Remix)
14. Standard – Chan Chan (Remake)
15. Linda Lopez – Call Me (Mexican Dubwiser Remix)
16. Zuzuku - Adrican Do Round
17. Cindy Lauper – True Colours (Mexican Dubwiser Dub)
18. d3NdRON – Air Wolf (Mexican Dubwiser Remix)

Samstag, 27. November 2010

Vamo pa la Cumbia y el Sonido Pacifico

Banda Conmocion - Presentacion

More than a band, the Chilean Banda Conmocion is an artistic collective, nineteen musicians who enjoy playing among the people and over the stage. It isn’t weird to see them putting their instruments down during their presentations, playing while they get comfortable among their audence, then everything becomes into a delirious carnival, and a big party on the concrete. “La Conmocion” is a troup, a family which has played together for 7 years by now, and maybe that’s why instead of records, their memories are only in those who have had the pleasure of being there. They started in 2001 as a parallel musical proyect of Mendicantes, and then, they continued playing in ceremonies like marriages, baptisms and funerals, before they got to the stages on 2005.
They are attached to the instrumental northern tambo, traditional parties, the cumbia, the porro, the cuyahuadas, vals, the bolero, the San Juanito. We dare to say they have chosen as their roots the love they have to the Latin American music, and since some years by now they have included some gypsy music; and that is how they have extended and spread their music, mixing as if they were some saltpeter stillworking band

Poder Guadaña - Cumbia Satan
PODER GUADAÑA coming from the mystic  Puerto de Valparaiso (Chile) and mashing up latin rhytms like Merengue, Salsa and Cumbia, with electronic Music and Urban Ryhtms like Hiphop, Trance, Reggae and Soul.

Bomba Estereo - Fuego
Bomba Estéreo is a band founded 2001 in Bogotá, Colombia that describe their music as "Electro Vacilón" or "Electro tropical" They combin traditional Cumbia with electronic Sounds.

Choquibtown - Somos Pacificos
Choquibtown comes from Columbia and their Song "De donde vengo yo" just won a grammy for best alternative Song !! They mixup North American HipHop, Jamaican Ragga and Columbian and Latin Rhytms with elements of electronic Music in order to produce elaborate Beats.

Freitag, 26. November 2010

Digital DancehallReggae meets Nortec

So I got two big mixes for you.
First comes from Riddim Tuffa Sound and brings up Digital Dancehall Reggae - all Riddims are produced by these guys !! Free Download -> load it !!
1 Little Kirk - Weed Them Out Dubplate
2 Brother Culture - Culture a MC Dubplate
3 Solo Banton - No Jokking Dubplate
4 Solo Banton - Kung Fu Masta Dubplate
5 El Fata - Hot & Ready
6 Soom T - Survivor Dubplate
7 Solo Banton - Old Time Somthing Remix
8 Buju Banton - Champion Remix
9 Daddy Freddy - Bring me a Girl Dubplate
10 Deadly Hunta - Soundboy you Not Ready Yet Dubplate
11 Diegojah - Dancehall Sweet Remix
12 Courtney Melody - Ninja Mi Ninja Dubplate
13 Diegojah - Giddy Up Dubplate
14 El Fata - Tell Then Again
15 Jn. Banton - Yes me Get High Dubplate
16 Omar Perry - Gimmi di Ganja Dubplate
17 Carl Meeks - We Dem Fa Dubplate
18 Soom T - Pull it Up Dubplate
19 Diegojah - Original Diegojah
20 El Fata - Inna di Dancehall Dubplate
21 Solo Banton - Talk To Me Dubplate
22 Brother Culture - Digital Rock Dubplate
23 Top Cat - Gallis Remix
24 Mr Vegas ft. Alozade & Hollow Point - Under mi Sensi Remix
25 Tenor Fly - Rudeboy Fashion Dubplate
26 Top Cat - Push Up the Ligtha Remix
27 Diegojah - Computer Losser Dubplate
28 Soom T - Ganja Ganja Dubplate

Second comes from the Nortec Panoptica Orchestra, total different ting, this is how they make you swing your booty in Tijuana, Mexico.
Dos Perros – Grosero
Nortec Panoptica Orchestra – Ven a mi
Enzo Siffredi – Italo Gipsy
Joy Márquez – El niño perdido
Pizeta & Reagadelica – Remzelk
Maria Daniela y su Sonido Lasser – Baila Duro (Nortec Panóptica Remix)
DJ Submission & Paolo Dumore – Sabroson
Dan Castro – Eastern Ensemble
Jesse Rose – Touch My Horn

Claude Von Stroke - The Whistler
Nortec Panoptica Orchestra - Time Ends  (Tyler Lewis mix)
Nortec Panoptica Orchestra - Meet Again (Kid Wonder Remix)
Pizeta Feat. Reagadelica -Arabic Nights Bootleg
Nortec Panoptica Orchestra - Complejo de Amor (Kid Wonder Remix)
Analogik - Farlight Monster
Kid Wonder - Paisonic
Sharkslayer - Skanking Riddim
Mala Rodríguez  - Tambalea (Remix)
Buraka Som Sistema Feat. M.I.A. - Sound of Kuduro (Octopus Remix)

Montag, 15. November 2010


So we got two nice Videos from Homies outa Frankfurt City. First comes Darling MANTIZ...she is so fit...lets do a workout. I heard her speaking about a Album but don't know nothing exactly. So be prepared and check this Video.
Second comes the Heavyweight Champion D-FLAME with his deep Voice, introducing all his friends who tried to call him.(ft. Beginner (Jan Delay, Dennis Lisk & D.J Mad), Afrob, Torch, Gentleman, Nosliw, DJ Dynamite, Phantom Black & Scotty 76)

Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

Another Big Shot from Brooklyns Subatomic Soundsystem

This new digital release (and soon to be vinyl) takes you from NYC to Jamaica to Africa with 5 political, cultural and environmentally charged tracks by Anthony B (Jamaica), Jahdan Blakkamoore (NYC/Guyana), Bajah (Sierra Leone), plus the dubbed up instrumental, and a combination medley of the versions (for DJs).  NYC-2-AFRICA drops digitally on limited sites this week (with full iTunes release next week): a Subatomic Sound (NYC) production in collaboration with African hip hop label Nomadic Wax and Peoples Records (Kingston, JA). Subatomic Sound System will be on tour in Europe in Nov & Dec with Lee Perry & Dubblestandart and in Brooklyn at the Bellhouse Theater with Cottonmouth on Feb 10. Catch dem !!
Check the other tunes (Jahdan large again !!) on Soundcloud. A free download is available !!


Montag, 8. November 2010

Lazy Monday - Video Time

First starting with Lotek coming up with a brandnew Album "International Rudeboy". It features guest vocals from English, Australian, Jamacian artists such as Roots Manuva, RuCL, Dialectrix, Ciecmate, Ozibatla and Jimmy Screech. HipHop meets Roots Reggae. Big !!
Check the Promomix
and the Video for "The rudest Dude" ft. King Jammy and Bunny Lee

San Franciscos J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science is starting

a Revolution feat. Lyrics Born and The Mamaz 

more Info

and finaly a reeeeal classic...