Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

Brandnew Moombah-Pacifica and some 3ball

LatinoResiste presents Moombah A Pacifica!
 When people heard Root a Pacifica, they got in love with the sounds, richness, and beauty of the afropacific music from the black communities of Colombia.
Ironically this album is released while Colombian people celebrate their battle of independence, while the minorities are struggling to exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over their territory.

Fortunately the Latino Resiste Crew could capture, compile and share the whole movement; as it needed to be exposed outside the south american paradise, so it could be redefined by NY's Banginclude and many other people like him.

The album drops 6 Bangers which flirt from dancehall to dembow, heavy bass and latin moombahton, while keeping the Pacific heritage of Gualajo, chirimia, marimba, and Choco's rawness.

Lyrically conscious and musically rebellious!! Latino Resiste supports Minorities as we are part of them!!

The Tropical Bass Family comes out with his second release this time presenting the new and innovative mexican 3ball. So the original Tune by DJ Tack & Tamalero (try his Tamales !!) gettin remixed by Guapo Feo, Bumps, Andrés Digital, Caballo, Andy Kisaragi and many more. So get on your Pointy Boots on and step out on the Dancefloor.

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