Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

Boogat - New Mixtape - Esperanto Soundsystem

Boogat is a vocalist/writer/producer who lives in Montreal, Canada. His sound is firmly rooted in the combination of styles, mixing latin worldbeat rythms with post hip-hop production and rap. After his last years mixtape "Que Pegue Duro y Violento" he does another coproduction with Poirier wich has mixed this one too.

Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

Santos - La Sombra De Satan (Album)

seems like this is the month of the free albums. comes an album full of dark flavored remarkable Cumbia, Nortec y Ruidoson Stuff desde Tijuana, Mexico.

Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

Collie Buddz - Playback EP

Our man from Bermuda gives away his highly anticipated EP Playback - Nice Reggae Vibes- check it !!

Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

The Federation Bounce
Soca for Lovers Mix by Kevy Kev representing St. Nevis & Kitts. Nice warm-Up for Trini Carnival soon come.


1. Federation Bounce intro - Walshy Fire (Black Chiney)
2. Unstoppable (Kevy Kev Dub Refix) - King Konris 
3. King Konris iRepSKN Federation Shout
4. iRepSKN (Kev's Wild Out Mix) - Dagah
5. Dagah Federation Endorsement
6. Bottom's Up (Kevy Kev's Wuk Up Hard Remix) - Trey Songs
7. Choice One MD's iRpSKN Salute
8. All The Way Turnt Up (Kevy Kev Uptempo Mix) - Travis Porter ft Roscoe & YT
9. Pipe (Dub) - Patch
10. Roger Dat (Ge She Wop) Dub - AK The Artist 
11. Wuk Pan It - AKaii ft EK
12. Bounce You Batty (Dub) - UMB Soldiers
13. Drop It (Dub) Kevy Kev Riddim Mix - Avalanche
14. In De Fete (Kevy's Hip-Hop Soca blend) - Omari Ferrari ft Kamau, Pumpa, Avalanche, Rashidi, DJ Slik & Poppy Pops
15. Jah Lion Sounds iRepSKN Shout
16. Peter Piper (Dub) - Kamau
17. La Loca 102 Jamz Federation Shout Out
18. Dynamite (Kev's FBS Rmx) - Taio Cruz 
19. Bad Romance (Soul Sound Electro-Soca Rmx) - Lady Gaga
20. Rum - Small Axe
21. Flat Batty ( iRepSKN intro) - DJ Rinch
22. I Like The Way You Lie (Federation Bounce Mix) - Rihanna
23. Federation Shouts - G Que, Rifa Madness
24. Like a G6 (Soca-lectro Mix) - FM ft Cataracs & Dev
25. Federation | iRep SKN  Shouts - Jobi Diva, Daddy Bomb, Supa Tek, Dj Kareem, DJ Stephen, Rico Vibes
26. Billionaire (Kevy Kev Wine-Up Rmx) - Travis McCoy ft Bruno Mars
27. Omari Ferrari Federation Bounce jingle
28. Your Love (Kevy Kev Refixx) - Nicki Minaj
29. Make Love (Dj Kevy Kev Refixx) - Akaii ft Rudy & Dj Jeanie
30. De Way You Move - C-Money
31. Find Your Love (Kev's Zouk Remix) - Drake
32. Kevy Kev Federation Bounce | iRepSKN outro 

Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

Lazy Sunday - Video Time

Starting warm & easy with Mr. Vegas, Shaggy and Josey Wales celebrating Sweet Jamaika
Beenie turning on the heat with a dobble Video - Lisa Hyper so hot !!
You know I'm in Carnival Fever, so here comes QP Quartz with a Big Tune for Carnival 2011. This is a message to all you drinkers !! Hold Yuh Riddim now got really nice updates...firewater !!
L'Xtrmst.Zen comes up with french Cumbia-HipHop Vibes.
and finaly LOTEK comes with a highgrade Tune using the sounds of your favorite Computer. I checked my postbox several times !! 

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Tropic-all's Rebel Sounds
Free Album Time !!

Nearly half a month is gone and I do my first post this year -> shame on me !! Totally in the Trini Carnival mood (belive me this season gona be BIG - the yearly mix will come after the International Soca Monarchs in the beginning of March - Watch out !!) first I hope that everybody got a brilliant start to the new year !! So I got two free Albums for you - file under the latino Conexión, Vamonos !!

TROPIC-ALL born as one of the emerging musical initiatives in Mèxico, trying to join the producers that dare into this underground rhythms inspired by the latinism and musical Mexican culture. In this first volume of this new netlabel TROPIC-ALL, several friends gather to create tracks, mostly of them originals (and for FREE), that shows a lot of this peculiar personas that are getting more accepted in the party circuits of their own cities.
TROPIC-ALL.. The union make the force.

1- Armoniacida – El maestro del revolver
2- Pepepe – El Desastre (Original de Los Macuanos)
3- Beat Buffet – Ritmo Violento
4- Bootlegumachine – Bye La Le!
5- Chico Ye – La Primorossaa
6- María y José – Duro Duro (Más Duro y Pegao Edit)
7- Acorde On – Don Quijote Marijuana (Acorde On Refix)
8- Santos – La Revolcada
9- Los Macuanos – Bandera
10- Malandro – Infierno
11- Pedro Infame – Techno Humid Disco Fucka
12- Waya Waya – Elephantidae (Original Mix)
13- Panchitron – Hot n Fun
14- Zombiepill – Santo Santo
15- El Hijo de la Diabla – Baika (Bonus Track)

Second one comes from the Rebel Sounds Community - real BIG Thing !! In order to make a summary of 2010, the staff of the Rebel Sounds has been given the task of conducting its third annual compilation, which has met all the requirements and characteristics of this compilation: A fusion-mixture-mestizaje in every sense, languages, countries and sounds that cross musical genres as diverse as reggae, cumbia, hip-hop, polka, ska, rock, Balkan, rumba, salsa, flamenco, merengue, reggae, dub, funk , rai, electronica and folk, that is, blending ourselves with all the world!
01 Caballo & TMFK – Intro Rebel Sounds (Colombia/Canadá)
02 Polkaholix – Spare Ribs (Berlín, Alemania)
03 Zulú 9.30 (feat Amparo Sanchez) – Tú te Vas (Barcelona, España)
04 Bachaco – Pollution (E.U.A./Colombia/Venezuela/Jamaica)
05 La Troba Kung-Fú – Subway Walk (Barcelona-Catalunya, España)
06 La Mâquina – La Mâquina (Catalunya/Italia)
07 Dub Incorporation – Bang Bang (Saint, Francia)
08 Green Valley – Inmigrantes (Barcelona, España)
09 La Caravane Passe (feat Erika Serre & Marko Markovic) – Bulibasha (Rumania/Polonia/Rusia)
10 Alerta Kamarada – De Donde Viene la Cumbia (Bogotá, Colombia)
11 Drakos – Quemando tus Recuerdos (Santiago de Chile)
12 Banda Achilifunk – Cocos (Barcelona, España)
13 Los de Abajo – Teresa (Distrito Federal, México)
14 Hambre de Rumba – Ole (Valencia, España)
15 Babyhead – The Little One Says (Londres, Inglaterra)
16 La Zurda – Rumbo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
17 La Gossa Sorda – Cassalla Paradise (Valencia, España)
18 Lengualerta (feat. Monk & Boogat & Mafé) – 3 Lil’ Birds (Tijuana, México)
19 Esne Beltza – Sonidero (País Vasco, España)
20 Juana Fé – La Makinita (Santiago de Chile)
21 Mario Díaz – Gloria Bendita (Cordoba, España)
22 El V and the Gardenhouse (feat La Virgin) – La Capitana (Bologna, Italia)

01 Pachanguito & Intiche – Intro Rebel Sounds/La Gente del Sol (Argentina/España)
02 Color Humano – Todos Hijos (Barcelona, España)
03 El Chávez – Monterrey (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
04 Muyayo Rif – Decreixament (Barcelona-Catalunya, España)
05 Gogol Bordello – Trans-Continental Hustle (N.Y. Estados Unidos)
06 Brujo (feat Miryam Mata-Kinky Beat) – Echo Fuego (Barcelona, España)
07 Bareto – No Juegue con el Diablo (Lima, Perú)
08 Ojos de Brujo (feat La Troba Kung-Fú) – Ventilaor R-80 (Barcelona, España)
09 Papaya Republik – Breve la Vuelta (Bogotá, Colombia)
10 Paco Mendoza – Fosforito (Argentina/Alemania)
11 Sherpah (feat Zulú 9.30 & D’Callaos) – Morena (Barcelona-Catalunya, España)
12 Frontline Guerrilla Sonora – No Suena Mal (Distrito Federal, México)
13 Caballo & TMFK – Machete Afilao (Colombia/Canadá)
14 Babyhead – The Little One Says (Bristol, Inglaterra)
15 Ska’N’Ska – FRA (Stockholm, Suecia)
16 Bongo Botrako (feat La Pegatina) – Todos los Días Sale el Sol (Tarragona-Catalunya, España)
17 Delfines de Etiopía – Olvidos y Apariencias (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
18 Banda Conmoción – El Chulla Quiteño (Santiago de Chile)
19 Roy Paci & Aretuska – Fiesta Total (Sicilia, Italia)
20 Russkaja – Ras Dwa Tri (Austria/Rusia/Ucrania/Hungría/Bulgaria)
21 Muchachito Bombo Infierno – Caraguapa (Barcelona, España)
22 Balkan Beat Box – War Again (N.Y. Estados Unidos)