Freitag, 22. April 2011

Mexicans gone wild !!
Freeload Time with Latino Resiste, DJ Orion and Mexicans with Guns

First come Latino Resiste, this time featuring the Mexican underground scene, which right now, is leading not only a music revolution, but also fashion and even lifestyles. I personaly only miss the Tijuana Scene on this release.
To get together the best of Mexican Underground scene, Latino Resiste got Mexican Underground Authority: BOOTLEGUMACHINE, as the Official selector and Caballo joining him. The Album, entirely donated by the artists,(in the case of M.I.S and Erick Rincon, the songs were grabbed from Free Releases); you will find original releases done for AZTLAN, although we would like to do special emphasis to this releases in terms of uniting the whole Mexican Underground scene, everybody under one shelter!! You will find from CAIFANES dubstep, or Mariachi drum n bass, to reggae, 3ball huarachero, or Nortec to Mexican rock, hardcore, Dance or moombahcore.

Second comes DJ Orion again with some Moombah-Bouncers. All these tracks sample New Orleans bounce artists and all of them incorporate Moombahton. One has a Salsa vibe, one is Moombahcore-y, one he rewrote the melody with different textures and one is an older joint but still makes it’s way to his sets
1. Pop That Dyk (Orion Edit) – Sissy Nobby 
2. Pat that Pussy (Orion Edit) – Elm Boy Peg 
3. You Can’t Win feat. BigFreedia (Orion Edit) – Big Freedia
4. Who’s That (Orion Edit) – Dj Poppa

Mexicans With Guns has prepared a very flavorful mix. He used some of the freshest ingredients, including the most delicious beats from his forthcoming album Ceremony. Be sure this Texan did not forget to put in all the bassline spices either. Bon Appetit!
1. Santo and Johnny – Sleepwalk
2. Mexicans with Guns – Untitled – Unreleased
3. Mexicans with Guns – Untitled – Unreleased
4. Cypress Hill – Sawed Off Shotgun
5. Sonora – Paraiso (Mexicans with Guns Remix)
6. Bossanovva – Chicken Lover (Munchi Remix)
7. Joker – It Ain’t Got a Name (DJ Orion Remix)
8. Sandro Silva – Venga (Nadastrom Moombahton Edit)
9. Zombies for Money – Bhangra Dance
10. Robot Koch – Devil Drums
11. Gun Selectah – Villa Ghetto
12. Robot Koch – Dough (Salva Remix)
13. Mexicans with Guns – Jaguar
14. Mexicans with Guns – Fields
15. Mexicans with Guns – El Sol y La Luna
16. DJ Orion – Jump Guarachero
17. Big Los – Nacofabuloso
18. GTO – Draws Instrumental (Mexicans with Guns Remix)
19. Mexicans with Guns – Me Gusto + Unititled Unreleased

You want some more ???

OKAAAAY, So you get a little extra - some more brandenew Moombahton is out, not from Mexico but from Mastermind Munchi in collaboration with Mr. Heartbreak.
Heartbreak Side
Jump up and Twist
The Legend
Munchi Side
Me and my Bitch

Samstag, 16. April 2011

Marlon B & Uwe Kaa with new Albums !!
Rastaman Marlon B come and he's coming with nuff friends and Big Tunes aaaaand this is a freeload Album. Classic Dancehall Album as we like him most. Including collaborations with Marlene Johnson, Mighty Tolga, Jah Meek,Singing U and many more.

Uwe Kaa from Munich comes up with his second Album bringing colors to this world. After he had gettin Single on the last Album he's enjoing the new freedom and some misbehavments. Check it out this is a real nice  german modern Roots Album.