Samstag, 27. Juli 2013

Brandnew Albums with lots of Bass by Lata, Dany F and Elegante & Imperial

You know that it is a Caballito Release when the pix are blinking. This time Bigote and Grita coming out with an Album by Andrew Collyer, Santiago de Chile who is LATA. A cool relaxed Bass Album with some Dem Bow and Voices by Trini Doherty(!!) and El Planta & Washingstone. Que Viva el Graveton !! Cool Release.

When it comes to House and Cumbia, who is the first who comes to your mind. Shure it is Dany F from Medellin, Colombia. He has another new Album out, free to give away via his Bandcamp. Great Stuff wich makes you move fi shure.

This next one by Daniel Martinetti, Lima, Peru was released via Generation Bass and is showing much love to the Bass crossing over cool Cumbia and sometimes some Techno Influence.