Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Soca Twins gettin mad for Carnival 2011
Berlin "Karneval der Kulturen" and Dortmund & Bielefeld Upcoming

Finally: It's CARNIVAAAAL in Germany! As a warm up, Boone & Franky head to Dortmund and then to Bielefeld Carnival, where they're taking over the road. Directly afterwards they'll be jammin' in Gütersloh, and one week later all of Soca Germany will be headin' to Berlin Carnival!

On Friday 
June 10th, 2011, the 9th Birthday of Soca Twins, they're celebrating at the "Carnival Jump Up". But this year they'll take the cake: Soca Twins present theRoadmarch, Groovy Monarch und Soca Monarch Winner:
10. Juni 2011 @ 2BE Club
To remind you of a few of the numerous hits of this Soca Heavyweight Champion, the Soca Twins blast out a free promo mix. Cyah Wait, Dead Or Alive, Don't Stop, Murdah, Open De Gate, De Band Coming etc. the list is endless...

Yes... the temperature is rising high! And at this point, Soca Twins MC Boone Chatta can't hold back anymore... So he had to bust out a new Soca hit for the German Carnival season, named "Carnival Again". The song was produced by Ashwin Seegobin (UK). Time to get ready and into the Carnival mode, before the truck finally start move...

And if this is not enough Soca for you we got the latest mix from the Twins...checkit out and wave your rag !!

More Dates for Berlin KDK soon come !!!!

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