Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

This time with Mono Azul, Pickster & Melo, DJ Javier Estrada

Bueno, nice new stuff is in the air and the Djs givin it out fi free. This are all must have downloads if you feel Tropical !!
Starting with the MONO AZUL coming up with a new EP for Sub Klub.
"Manimal Ep" it`s an album of wild and mutant beats whit original productions animal stamped by Un Mono Azul, alongside international Mc's as big as Lido Pimienta (Can), Zonora Point, Mamacita and Cholita Sound (Ch). "Gafas de sol" from the new release of Sub Klub Records introduces a new subgenre: the "Wobbleton". The remix of Paul Marmota and the hot Tropical Bass of "Manimal", track who baptizes the EP, cristalizes the original, fresh, fun and full danceable escence of Un Mono Azul.

Then we have DJ Pickster One & Melo with their new EP Arizonaton, first class Moombahton. Pickster One & Melo have an enviable track record when it comes to moombahton: their first track, ‘Mas Poderoso’ continues to be a favorite among this growing community after appearing on Munchi’s ‘Summer Of Moombahton compilation. Later in 2010 DJ Melo then released a two-disc compilation called ‘The Winter of Moombahton’, which received massive support from Diplo and Mad Decent. The duo’s second collaborative effort, ‘I Can Make You Dance’, was featured on the ‘Moombahton Massive III’ EP, which was compiled by Brooklyn-based producer Sabo for the SXSW festival in Austin, TX in 2011. In April of 2011 DJ Melo was featured on the Mad Decent Compilation “Blow Your Head Vol 2: Dave Nada Presents Moombahton”.
And Now, Pickster and Melo reunite to present ‘Arizonaton’. Arizonaton runs the spectrum of the different styles of Moombahton -  “Fat Booty” and ”Es Dificil” fall in the softer Moombahsoul sub-genre while, “Keep The Dice Rolling” and “Don’t Make Me Wait” are more of the traditional Moombahton sound. “Waistline” fits the Moombahall catagory, and the more aggressive “Going Out To The Hardcore” fits the popular Moombahcore tag.  In addition, a bonus track on the LP is a remix of Arizona Indie band, Dry River Yacht Club’s “Sweaty Sax”. This is just another example of the pairs producing ability in the Moombahton Scene and beyond. Download
And finaly the hyperactive Javier Estrada from Monterrey, Mexico - from Prehispanic to Dubstep - Anything is possible. This is a maaad 18 Track Mixtape.

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