Samstag, 26. November 2011

It's Free - it's hot - it's Global Tropical !!

It's really hard, there is so much much good music out there in the moment. So I got 3 new EPs/Albums for you...Check'em, grab'em !!

The Reggae Cumbia Soundclash goes on - here comes Rafa Caivano, one half of the Frikstailers with a 3 Track remix EP giving Jahtaris Digital Dub Reggae a Cumbia Note !!

Ernest is Volfoniq first "own" album. After 7 years traveling, meeting and sharing, producing EPs and remixes, the musician lays his famous hat to share with you 11 tracks inspired by his experiences...this is a perfect Dub Album !! Also check out Volfoniques Netlabel. 

Black Mandingo comes with a deeeeep 8 Track Cumbia EP, this is rebajada !!

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Sherwinn Brice hat gesagt…

I love the site keeps me up to date on new should check out some St.Lucian talent for your site here is something from Shepp Dawg for Christmas