Samstag, 24. September 2011

Dancehall News From Germany
Talkin to Mr. Futuristic Dancehall - Singin Gold

Jamaican-born artist Singin Gold has been based in Germany since 2001 and looks back onto more than two decades of musical creativity. It was in his local church choir in the Jamaican town of Robins Bay, where he collected his first experiences in the music scene. Already at this early age he began writing texts and composing music. Before moving to Germany he had already drawn much attention to himself by taking part in a number of talent shows and appearing on just as many sound system parties. And here in Germany he continues doing precisely what he was born to do: recording songs, playing at festivals throughout the country and performing in German as well as other European clubs. Ready to take his music to a whole new level, he began his collaboration with Symbiz Sound in 2010.

RS - You started to work with symbiz sound in 2010. how did it come to the collaboration ?
SG - ok i met chris(symbiz) quite a few years ago in a but we did did anything together at that by chance i met him in the year 2010 and he ask me sing a dub for symbiz sound and thats how the whole thing started!

RS - What new projects are planned ?
SG -  We are just work on new material and see how far it goes!!!

RS - Now your living for more than 10 years in germany. What do you still miss ?
SG - I live in Germany now for 8 years not 10 for the record.. but what i still miss is a lot cause the mentitaly is diffrent here in germany form jamaica...but i would say the food. the sea. big sound boxes sting up on every corner on holidays!!are just some of the things!!!


Next Live Date - 21.10. Darmstadt, Bessunger Knabenschule - Love + Unity celebrating 10 Years Radikal Sunflowers Colectivo with Special Guest Singin Gold and Dynamight Sound !!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Singin Gold ist ein großartiger Künstler, aber das Interview war sehr hätte ihm bessere Fragen stellen können und es hätte mehr gebracht den Künstler durch einen Mitschnitt des Interviews darzustellen

Jaky Tuff hat gesagt…

yes king or queen or whoever you are...first of all this is an english speakin blog. second; yes fi shure, Singin Gold is a big Artist, because of that we speak about him. third: if you want to do interviews for radio sunflow write an mail and lets talk serious. easy.