Montag, 1. April 2013

Video Sunday (Fuck its Monday)

Its a rainy day in Barcelona today, so I have some time to look some Videos and share them with you. Watch out...

CUMBIA - From Argentina comes El Remolón y su Conjunto - Constitución

TROPICAL BASS - From the Netherlands comes KIT - Jackhammer

CUMBIA - Also from Netherlands comes SKIP and DIE (so be carefull) - Anti Capitalista

CUMBIA - From Bogota, Colombia comes ALGUACIL DUB KILLA ft. Pih Poh - Rebel Sounds

SALSA - HOP - From Barna comes the SUPER SPANISH COMBO - La Hipoteca

and at the end some classic SKA Tunes by TONY COOK and the SKATALITES with some Background Informations...

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