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Dancehallnews from --- Switzerland !!

Ok, you know normaly this column is named "Dancehall News from Germany" but now we have an artist that is really hard not to mention, even when he's coming from switzerland.
So...big up swiss, big up Cookie the Herbalist...
First time I heard of him was on Riddim Releases of African Beat and Weedy G - the Best Trick and the Bubbler Riddim, then I go deeper and found an Ep (The Good Weed) and an Album (Like A Tree) with amazing and upliftin music...
Jaky - He Cookie, I heard that you are working on a new album. Tell me some facts about it.
Cookie - yes mon i'm actually working on a new album which is going to be released early this may. the name of the album will be "STAND TALL" and you'll certainly like it!

Jaky - You wearing your turban to hide your locks. Are you rasta ? What is rasta for you - Universal Love or Repartuation ?
Cookie - haha... i'm not really hiding them but i prefer to keep the locks them safe from dirt and things zeen...yes man i man as a rasta man stand for a universal love and Inity because you know no matter color or race we are all the same have all the same heritage and are all created by the same powers of creation seen. and all a we is a part of the whole thing you seet...
i man as a rasta man haffi tell the people them the facts about the world we're living in of course and tell the blind them to open up them eyes and try fi see clear and be a part of the solution seen?!
Jaky - You promoting the good weed. In Germany law is not realy clear and fair and if you smoke ganja inna your car, you will loose your driving license sooner or later. How run tings in Switzerland. I heard its legalized.
Cookie - yeah mon it's the same in switzerland you know... so i really try to leave the car at home as much as i can and you see babylon them no really love rasta fi drive car anyway so i man move incognito you zeet!
and talking bout ganjah.. time really come fi babylon fi stop that foolish terror against ganjah, there's plenty other things them should deal with...

Jaky - Did you have problems with the police because of your artist name ?
Cookie - not because of my name yet no...

Check the Promomix - CLICK - Right Click for Download
(Running Away - Straight to the Top - Like a Tree - Just a lifetime - Sick a dem - A Girl like you ft. Sophia Squire - Stories pon stories - Inna mi Car)

Jaky - You was on tour with Jah Mason and shared the Stage with Superstars like Ziggy Marley, Julian Marley, Nas, Damian Marley, Junior Kelly and many more. This was a great experience ?
Cookie - yeah for sure, those where great experiences i could learn a lot from and it was a great honor and pleasure of course. nuff RASPEK to all of them!

Jaky - Thanx for this lil Interview, see you soon in Darmstadt, Bessunger Knabenschule longside Radikal Sunflowers Colectivo and Dynamight Sound -> 20.04 - a must be Date!!
Cookie- yes I! give thanx now and don't forget to watch out for my new album "Stand Tall"! RASTAFARI

Also check Blend Mishkins Mama Proud Riddim - The Remix Section is a freeload

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