Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

Free Album Time

The Caballito Crew from Granada Spain comes with a nice Graveton Album. You dunno what it's Graveton ? Take some electronics, algo de Cumbia, el Resto del Reggaeton and whatever. Shake it and...ready is the Album. - Download - Caballito  Blog - Preview
By the way part of the Caballito Crew is Bigote...he just released a brilliant Album for Cabeza.
Get it here

This is Texas. We like driving trucks, eating bbq, and making electronic music. (Sidenote: always wash your hands after BBQ and before beat making...BBQ sauce on your equipment is not a good thing) Exponential Records is proud to present our 4th annual Spring compilation. This year includes an all Texas based lineup of up and coming producers with a very diverse sound ranging from cinematic beats to cumbia. With nice Artist like DJ DUS, Diego Bernal, Mexicans with Guns and more - Download - Prelistening

Another Texicano DJ Orion from Austin teamed up with El Guapo Feo to bring the Moombahcore & Boombahchero (Boombahcore?) - Download -  Blog
And if we are in Texas there is another great Band I wan't to present...The Wendys...part of the Super Cumbia Futurista Colective... coming from a town named Berlin, Texas ( I never thought that it's existing in real) bringing up great Cumbia And Texican Styles. Download the Tacon Del Oro Package

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