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This time we gona speak with an Artist named EPHRAIM JUDA. He is living in Berlin and just got released his sympatic first Album "Coming Home" on Urban Tree Music. The Album transports a modern Roots Vibe sometimes with Acoustic Guitar sometimes with Riddims by the Far East Band, the 40Fyah Band or DubAkom from France. This is a must have Album !!

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(Jaky) So how did it all start. Tell me something bout your musical way. (Ephraim) You know, to me it feels like I'm doing music ever since. I was kicking of with a guitar at the age of 6 and I'm doing Reggae Music for 7 years and it all started with a friend of mine who gave me a Bob Marley "Legend" CD. I didn't realy like it in the first place, because it was something totaly different, something I never heard before, but I got used to it and after a while I was realy get infected.

(Jaky) And now you have a highly recomended album "Coming Home" out, you made the first part of your "Making Friends Tour" and you even making more friends. Seems like 2010 was a good year for you. What are your planes for 2011. 
(Ephraim) There are a lot of hopes and dreams for 2011 and it seems that they all come true. In the next month, from March to May I will be on the Road on the "Coming Home Tour" and hopefully a lot of Festival Gigs will follow up then. The confirmations are going to made in the next couple of month so I can not really tell you about it right now. Apart from Gigs and my music we're going to release a great selection, a riddim selection called the "Youth Riddim". A lot of great German and European Artist are going to be on the Selection like Ganjaman, Uwe Banton, Cornador, Benji, Kimoe just to name a view. Lets see whats going to happen in autumn, I don't realy know right now, but we've got a lot of planes but there still secret so lets leave this a suprise for you.
(Jaky) So you could play your songs only with an acoustic guitar on the street, you play Soundsystemshows and you play with your own band. How does it feel as a singer using all this different ways of presenting ? 
(Ephraim) It's just great. It's great to be able to present your music with so many varieties and Sound and it also creates a different intensity. You know I mean when you do a Soundshow, then it's probaly rather for a hot sweaty Clubatmsphere, while the concerts with my Band are probaly more intimate but that can be superpumpy also. So it's just great, I love it.

(Jaky) You did choose a very biblic name ? What does it mean ? 
(Ephraim) Yeah I know at the first sight it might look very biblical, but it has nothing to do with it. I mean not in the first place. You know I got a mentor. At the age of 16 I was meeting him here in Berlin and I spent a lot of time with him. I even went to the caribbean to meet him again and I stayed there for quiet sometime and he allways called me Juda, like he devided the year into 12 lets say periodes or seasons and all this periodes got different names and for August, wich is the month of my Birthday its Juda. Ephraim just means to be helpfull, to be suportive. I figured that pretty cool to be suportive for others and even to have a name that gives me foundation
(Jaky) You just recorded a tune with Ganjaman for "Help Jamaica". Could you tell me something bout the "Help Jamaica" Movement. 
(Ephraim) Yeah you right I just did this Charity song with Ganjaman called Help Jamaica and all the income of this single is actully going to be fully donated to the Project wich got the same Title Help Jamaica. I gues it's best to lock them up on the Internet it's What I can tell you shortly is that their caring about children and their education. They trying to found and build up library projects in rural areas of Jamaica and you know we as Europeans probably often taking our eductain for guaranteed but these children dont got such an easy access to education. And thats why Help Jamaica is offering Language courses like courses that improve childrens reading and writing skills. And this got to be supported I guess so just go on the Internet, buy the Single and you will help.

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