Sonntag, 27. September 2009

80s Reggae-Sunday

Today two nice 80s Reggae mixes.
First one comes from Lionheart Selecta Mathias from Tropical Heat Blog
1. Mikey General/ Sound Doctor
2. Lilly Melody/ Cease Fire Selector
3. Sammy Levi/ Come Off The Road
4. Garnett Silk/ See Bimbo Ya!!!
5. Daddy Lilly/ Computer Track
6. Carl Meeks/ New Slang
7. Jim Brown/ Reggae Galore
8. Chicken Chest/ Raggamuffin Selector
9. Everton Bonner/ Murder She Wrote
10. Shabba Ranks/ Fresh
11. Red Dragon/ Hol' A Fresh
12. Foxy/ Muscular Man
13. Srew Driver She Boom Style
14. Lopez Walker/ Cool Me Down
15. Joe Mannix & Shaman/ No Problem
16. Rupie Culture/ Dance Hall Bubbler
17. Fatta John/ True Deceiver
18. Supercat/ Mud Up
19. Sugar Minott/ Conscious Lover
20. Derrick Irie/ Mi Nuh Computer
21. Cocoa Tea/ 86 Flood
22. Michael Buckley/ Strong Musician
23. Ashman/ Fight Over Mike
24. U U Madoo & Capt. Barky/ Mix Up
25. Delroy Katt/ Rum Nah Rap Up
26. Admiral Tibet/ Curfew
27. Eccleton Jarrett/ Turn On The Heat
28. Sanchez/ My Sound
29. Sluggy/ 95 % Black
30. Dennis Brown/ Death Before Dishonour
31. White Mice/ Conciousness
32. Talents/ How Sweet It Is

Second comes from NYs Deadly Dragon Sound
On September 6th Deadly Dragon Sound linked up with the legendary Shinehead at the Badness Business Session. With a nice, bubbling crowd Deadly Dragon and Shine went at each other with some of their favorite vinyl for a one fi one 45 shootout in totally decent style! Enjoy the sounds!

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