Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

Free EPs by El Buho and Sonido Berzerk's getting really hot musically...if the weather would follow this would be so great. So in Germany we're sitting on the balcony with a "Glühwein" (this is hot Red Wine with some spices) and waiting till the rain stops and listening to cool music wich makes us dream of galaxys farfar away.
I felt in love with El Buhos Stuff when I heard it the first time and here the man from Amsterdam  comes with a 15 Track Album full of great Music in his very own style or should I say Owl Style somewhere between Cumbia and Prehispanico.

Jungle is dead, long live the Jungle - Sonido Berzerk come from Mexico DF and is Part of the Mexican Liga del Bass. He comes out with a cool EP of Remixes. My personal Fav is the El Barba Dub Remix but check it out for yourself and load it via Bandcamp - this rolls in very deep.

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