Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Cumbia, 90s Digital Reggae and some Spanish HipHop

Ok, it's download time - time again to present nice projects !!

Nahuatl Sound System is the original 11-piece Aztec Dub collective. From Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Jamaica and Australia - Nahuatl Sound System's revolutionary sound combines Latin American roots and rhythms with deep frequencies of dub, tech, electronica and reggae, heavy bass lines and powerful horn lines. The got a very nice -name your price- Album on Bandcamp. Check it out !!

Second comes a Dancehall Foundation Sound from Hamburg, Germany presenting the new WebPage.
Talking bout Silly Walks Disco. And to celebrate this Ollie and Josha givin away their beautifull remake of the Tonight Riddim.
and finally we got Rico “Filthy Rich” aka. Raka Rich of Los Rakas recently released his mixtape, El Flow Californiano. This one’s great for riding down on your bike International Boulevard in Oakland on a sunny summer day, (I write this after a rainy day). And one ting about remixes - if there is a absolut banger remix like Uproots Andy Remix from Abrazame it not necessary to do another one - but this one is nice !!

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