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This time we gona present to you an artist wich we really love. Well, introducing may not be the right word, this man got history, he got a unique style, he got fresh beatz, he's a Raggamuffin and he comes from Berlin to rock the Republic. First check out the nice Video from his Electronic Project Illbilly Hitec - Tune is called "Nuff A Dem"
So we had some questions to ask
RS - Tell me something bout your musical history. How did it all started. With Ska T you played more than 300 Shows and at the Rockpalast (for those of you who don't know it - it's really a big ting, televised in whole germany. other artits there was Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff and many more)?
LF- I started MCing in 1996 when I was 16 years old. First I was doing german hip hop but I used to listen to reggae and dancehall from jamaica more than to german hip hop, so it was a nice try to sing a kind of wannabe patois the first time, as I joined the band Ska-T. We wanted to play ska punk like Sublime and also some raggamuffin and reggae like Makka B. This is how everything started. Every weekend we were on tour to get out of this boring small town in the harz mountains, where we lived. It was a nice and funny time. But after school everybody moved in a different town and so we broke up the band.
RS - Nowadays your workin in different projects. Dub Engineers (Dub & Vintage Reggae) , Illbilly Hitec (Electronics - D&B), Wood in di Fire (Jamaican jazz and heavy reggae grooves) also you got your on Program with Albums like Rebel Style and Lo-Fi Youth ina Raggamuffin - Dancehall Style. Seems like you are at home in all Reggae Styles ?
LF - Thats true. I just love music, so I don´t got no problems with different styles. But most of all I was inspired by 70ies Reggae and 80ies or 90ies Dancehall. I think everybody who is listening to my music will recognize that.
RS - Your working on a new Longfingah Album. Tell me something about it, when will it be ready to hit the streets.
LF - Mmmh, I think in 2011 I will be ready, but I take my time. For me it is very important to produce music. The most intensive thing that music can give me is when I sing a new line on a fat riddim. I don´t have any album concept or something like that. It will be a mixture of tunes which I produced in different studios, on tour and in different countries. So it is all about traveling around and visiting new places and new people. There will be some dancehall, roots reggae and also some dubstep or dub on the album. Some tunes will have a vintage flavour and some others will spread some future vibes. On many tracks I will work together with I Kalonji. He is a very talented young producer from Berlin with a nice collection of deadly riddims.
RS - You just had a release on Mungos Hifis Scotch Bonnet Lable with Deh Pon Top. How did it come to the collaboration ??
LF - A friend of mine, Signore Sereno (Palmbeats Intl Sound) from Jena gave me the riddim. As a booker for partys and concerts he had a good connection to them. He invited Mungos Hifi for a show in Kassablanca, and I picked them up from the airport in berlin and brought them to Jena. Thats how I got to know them.

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