Freitag, 13. November 2009

Searchin fi christmas presents ?
Check out HELP JAMAICAs Charity Calender

HELP Jamaica! stands for Help Establish Library Projects inJamaica! and is a registered non-profit organisation based in Germany and Jamaica.

HELP Jamaica! aspires to build libraries and education centers in needy communities in Jamaica. HELP Jamaica! strives to provide necessities for success in school and life including: Free access to books and computers and the oversight of a skilled and caring staff who can help the youths learn and establish reading and computer skills. Our aim is to encourage creativity, talent, hope, ambition and excellence. We believe in inspiration and qualification as a means to break the circle of frustration, violence and crime. Education For A Change! Check out the brandnew designed Webpage

HELP Jamaica! Charity Calendar 2010

Christmas soon come…. Get your perfect Christmas gift right here – give out the calendar to somebody as a present and make a donation towards HELP Jamaica! the same way!

Put Jamaica in sight! Be reminded on the beautiful island everyday by some exceptional photos displaying the many facets of Jamaica. Great shots from eight parishes – different countryside, Kingston, charismatic people, promising school kids, fishermen, churches and more photos from international photographers. High quality calendar 14 pages offset-printed, the calendars are carefully single welded to ensure secure shipment!

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