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Talkin bout BOST + BIMStraight from Paris, France coming up two musicians - Matthieu Bost (Sax) and Jérémie "Bim" Dessus (Git) - who created their production team "BOST & BIM" in 1999, after playing together in live bands. Since then, they composed and recorded tracks for international artists such as Sizzla, Morgan Heritage, Capleton, Gentleman...and are recognized in the very competitive reggae world for their quality work.
Since 2005 they opened to a broader audience with their famous remixes:
They released 2 "cult" mixtapes ("Yankees a yard" 1 & 2) and more than 25 7 inches vinyles on their label "the Bombist" presenting their exclusive style that consists in giving a new life to hip hop, soul and pop songs turning it inna groovy reggae tunes.

Yankees a Yard 2 Video Mix

The Riddimmakers made nuff nice Riddims like the Soprano Riddim, Je t'aime Riddim, Visions Riddim, Judgement Time, Dis ya time, Joyfull Moments, Storm Alarm, Clean Vibes Riddim with voices like Capleton, Gentleman, Lyricson, Buju Banton, Queen Omega, Turbulence and many more.

The Remixers remixed more than 100 Tunes - such Big Ones as : Jackson 5 "I want U back", Brisa RochÈ and Lone Ranger "JAMAICAN BOY", Justin Timberlake "My Love", Lil Kim "Lighters Up"

So we got some questions

Jaky - Hello guys. How are you, what is going in Paris ?

Bost - We're ok, things are going well in paris

Jaky - So Reggae is a very popular ting in France. In Germany it's more a underground scene with very few connections to the mainstream...Who could be the next Sean Paul, who will get the next hype and does Reggae need dis hype to get again more people ina di Dancehall ?
Bost - It doesn't seem to us that Reggae is more popular in France than in Germany. There are more clubs in Germany than in France that play reggae music with resident soundsystems. Maybe the main difference is that Reggae in France has arrived before than in Germany, thanks to the French West Indies Islands Martinique and Guadeloupe. Many artists come from these Islands on the french Reggae scene, and there is a large carribean audience for reggae. We got no idea who could be the next Sean Paul. It depends of so many things. But Reggae surely needs more success.

Jaky - So you worked with manymany big artist, wich artist do you miss in your selction.
Bost - Yeah, we are very glad to have worked with artists such as Sizzla, Capleton, Richie Spice, Mykal Rose and many more. But there are so many artits we'd like to work with. The list would be so long we can't make it but it would include not only reggae artists.

Jaky - How do you record the selections, drivin over to jamaica or do the people pass to your studio.
Bost - Most of the time, we don't record the singer because we work for labels like Special Delivery that do that and we can't always be there. For our productions, we do that in our studio when we can. Otherwise it's done where the singer is, with or without us. For the music, we do all in our studio.

Jaky - When I first heard the Yankees a yard mixes I, these guys makin hiphop vocals hearable for reggae heads. Many reggae people acting strange, when it come to hiphop. Are you on a Mission ?
Bost - No, we ain't. It's true that many people say to us: "Oh, you make me like a Song of Usher, I never thought it would be possible" but it's more for R&B artist like Beyonce, Mary J, not much for HH artists.

So the music of Bost & Bim is available thru the Webshops of Soundquake or Patate (check the lables Bombist & Special Delivery), the Yankees a Yard Mixes could be ordered via Mail

Download SOPRANO MegaRiddimMix
Visit their homepage

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