Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008

Radikal Sunflowers Colectivo
Join the Colectivo


The Colectivo needed nearly 2 years and now it´s ready to hit the Reggae-Scene
the new Album called "Join the Colectivo".
14 Tunes between Dancehall-Reggae, Soca and Reggaeton
including 2 Combinations with Darmstadt sweetest Isabelle and Frankfurts
finest Don Sharicon.
For sure this is nothing for Reggae-Purist, but if you´re able to look over the rim of your teacup you will love this music called "Dancehall Globalista". It will bring you in a good mood, but it allways remembers, that even in the caribbean the sun is not shining always.
A spicy Saxofon meets a funky guitar, deep bass and raw DJ-Vocals in english, spanish and german. So feel the Message, wich is Consciousness, Love & Unity and above all "Shake your bootie".

Listen to the Promo Radio Show

The Album is available as CD at
and digital at Soundquake and musicload, ITunes
, Napster etc.

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